In a major communist attack during the 1968 TET Offensive, Tan Son Nhut Air Base was the target of a regiment-size enemy forces assault with seven reinforced battalions. The attack began at 0200, 30 January with unexpected severity. If not for the United States Air Force, 377th Security Police Squadron, the U.S. Army's two platoons Task Force 35, and the 3/4 Cavalry, the entire base may have been in great danger. Four USAF Security Policemen were KIA at 0-51 Bunker, and a fifth survived; all five were awarded Silver Stars for valor. The outnumbered377th Security Police, with the United States Army Helicopter and ground units, killed nearly 1,000 enemy combatants. The base was secured by noon, 31 January 1968.

Again and Again, 1965-1966, by Jim Van Doren, Dustoff Medic.
Green Beret Affair
, 1969, by Terry McIntosh, Co D, 5th Special Forces Group (Airborne) Det. A-414, Thanh Tri, SVN.
Grenade! Airman's Medal; AFCM
, 1966-1967, by Clarence Schofield.

A Safe Haven, Can Tho Airfield, 1969-1970, by Thomas Samuel Thomas Jr.

Old Cars and Vietnam, 1967-1968, by Michael J. Walsh.
The Struggle for Truth, 2013, an essay, by Joe Abodeely (Colonel, Ret).

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South Vietnam fell 763 days after the U.S. withdrew from SVN (29 Mar 1973 - 30 Apr 1975).
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