Flags of the United States of America

United States of America War Casualties from the American Revolutionary War until today ...
1,194,198 American Fighting Men and Women gave their lives serving under these United States of America flags.
An additional 1,447,281 were wounded in combat

General George Washington's personal Flag of 1775. 13 Stars.
1775 USA, Grand Union Flag. Also called the Continental Flag. The first true USA flag.

Betsy Ross Flag of 1776. 13 Stars.

The Bennington Flag of 1777. 13 Stars.

USA Flag of 1777. 13 Stars. States admitted: Delaware, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Georgia, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Maryland, South Carolina, New Hampshire, Virginia, New York, North Carolina, Rhode Island.
1-Delaware, 2-Pennsylvania, 3-New Jersey,
4-Georgia, 5-Connecticut, 6-Massachusetts,
7-Maryland, 8-South Carolina,
9-New Hampshire, 10-Virginia,
11-New York, 12-North Carolina,
13-Rhode Island

USA Flag of 1795. 13 Stars. The Star Spangeled Banner Flag. States Admitted: Kentucky and Vermont.
14-Vermont, 15-Kentucky

USA Flag of 1818. 20 Stars. States Admitted: Indiana, Louisiana, Mississippi, Ohio, Tennessee.
16-Tennessee, 17-Ohio, 18-Louisiana,
19-Indiana, 20-Mississippi
USA Flag of 1819. 21 Stars. State Admitted: Illinois.

USA Flag of 1820. 23 Stars. States Admitted: Alabama, Maine.
22-Alabama, 23-Maine

USA Flag of 1822. 24 Stars. State Admitted: Missouri.
USA Flag of 1836. 25 Stars. State Admitted: Arkansas.
USA Flag of 1837. 26 Stars. State Admitted: Michigan.
USA Flag of 1845. 27 Stars. State Admitted: Florida.
USA Flag of 1846. 28 Stars. State Admitted: Texas.
USA Flag of 1847. 29 Stars. State Admitted: Iowa.
USA Flag of 1848. 30 Stars. State Admitte: Wisconsin.
USA Flag of 1851. 31 Stars. State Admited: California.
USA Flag of 1858. 32 Stars. State Admitted: Minnesota.
USA Flag of 1861. 34 Stars. State Admitted: Kansas.

USA Flag of 1863. 35 Stars. The USA Civil War Flag.
35-West Virginia
USA Flag of 1865. 36 Stars.
USA Flag of 1867. 37 Stars.
USA Flag of 1877. 38 Stars.
USA Flag of 1890. 43 Stars.
39-North Dakota, 40-South Dakota,
41-Montana, 42-Washington, 43-Idaho
USA Flag of 1891. 44 Stars.

USA Flag of 1896. 45 Stars.

USA Flag of 1912. 48 Stars.
46-Oklahoma, 47-New Mexico, 48-Arizona
USA Flag of 1959. 49 Stars.
USA Flag of 1960. 50 Stars.

US Army Institute of Heraldy, 51st State Flag Proposal.

Puerto Rico, 51st State Flag Proposal.
USA Presidential Flag. 50 Stars.
USA Presidential Flag.
USA Vice Presidential Flag. 4 Stars.
USA Vice Presidential Flag.


Flag Day
Poster, in Celebration of the Stars and Stripes
June 14th, 1917

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