War-Stories.com Mission Statement


War-Stories.com Mission Statement

The mission of War-Stories.com web site:

  • To support and defend the principles of the United States Constitution, honor and support our veterans, military and their families, all who served in war and peace, and the sacrifices of our fallen and missing warriors.
  • To pursue every opportunity within our means to increase awareness and educate veterans, students, educators, researchers, and the public regarding the history and service veterans performed during the Vietnam War.
  • To preserve, compile, and post online a War-Stories.com Library archive of factual and true accounts of the Vietnam War, through veterans' personal stories, photos, poems, and official and historical documents, casualty databases, and articles, studies, as written or submitted by veterans awarded the Vietnam Service Medal, regardless of their branch of service or combat status.
  • To establish a perpetual online "War-Stories" regardless of evolving and future technology.
  • To place a hardcopy of every War-Stories' page with The Vietnam Veterans Memorial Collection, Washington, D.C., to make available to future generations the stories told today.
  • Maintain a current online user-friendly search engine for War-Stories.com.
  • Provide a public War-Stories Bulletin Board.
  • Provide a members-only login War-Stories Bulletin Board.
  • Provide an online members-only login quarterly newsletter (PointMaNewsletter), with access to all prior publications.
  • Provide an online Public Access quarterly newsletter (PointMaNewsletter), with access to all prior publications.
  • Provide a War-Stories parallel Public-Access and Affiliate-Supporters web site of selected stories and information. Affiliate-Supporters' page is where veterans may post personal stories and photos they prefer to remain private and requires a login procedure.
  • Provide Affiliate Supporters access to unit rosters by name, bases, units, and year(s) in-country, with sortable fields and clickable emails. An Affiliate Supporter is veteran or friend who contriubtes any amount toward the maintenace of this web site.
  • Provide Public-Access unit rosters with names, base, units, and year(s) in-country, without sortable fields or clickable emails.

War-Stories.com is a voluntary contributions assisted web site, and a affiliation of Vietnam War Veterans, visitors, and friends uniting in purpose to educate and inform veterans, public, educators and researchers regarding the Vietnam War, so that our stories, lessons, and the true costs for continued freedom, will never fade away. We will tell our stories for each other, and in hope the future generations will remember our service. No Veteran will be denied an affiliate contributor membership due to a financial hardship.

Don Poss,
War-Stories.com Webmaster

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