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ONLINE EDITION 1: April-May-June, 2008
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EDITOR'S MESSAGE: Since 1995, War-Stories.com (WS) has featured hundreds of Vietnam Veterans’ war stories. War Stories is Dedicated to United States military veterans who served honorably during the Vietnam War. Our goals are to post and archive Vietnam War Stories of those who fought and lived with true accounts of valor, honor, duty, hardships, camaraderie, humor, and memories of those who fought and died or have not returned.

It is our hope the public and military will learn the cost war impacts upon the nation, military, families and friends of those who served, bled, or died. Victory may be won on the battlefield and denied politically from within.

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Tiger Force Recon!
When Pointmen Collide!
Albee and the Point Man

by: Hank Ortega
Tiger Force Recon, 1/327 Inf, 101 airborne Div.
Vietnam, 1968
(© 1999)

In 1968 I was a medic with Tiger Force Recon, 1/327 Inf, 101 airborne Div. in and out of the A Shau Valley. Albee was a point man, dark haired, smoothed faced, talked out of the side of his mouth like the tough New Yorker he was. One day after I had just joined the Tigers, we were moving down a trail that was well defined.

Ordinarily, we didn't use trails because that just opened us up to ambush, but we had a need to move

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