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War Stories! is a Family Rated Awards winning 1.5GBs+ website averaging 5,500+ hits daily (more than 30 million visitors since 1995). The purpose for War Stories! Bulletin Board is to provide a forum for Vietnam Veterans and their friends and families to discuss concerns and issues related to the war years. These discussions are hopefully educational, thought provoking, and civil in content.
    Several thousand visitors will read your message,
including students and researchers. I especially encourage Vietvets to help educate these students who are asking for information about the war.
    Unfortunately, it is necessary to post rules and guidelines for submitting messages or responses at War Stories' Bulletin Board. Basically, the guidelines state what should be common knowledge concerning manners of good behavior. If you post a message at
War Stories! Bulletin Board then you do so agreeing to comply with the following guidelines:

1. All visitors placing messages or responses at War Stories! Bulletin Board are required to sign their true name and e-mail address. You are notified that upon posting a message your e-mail and Server information are captured and will be used to file a formal complaint with the Server for gross violations that are profane and hateful directed toward anyone posting at this BB. However, Cookies are not given nor welcome here, and therefore no information is on file to be distribute to any individual, group, or commercial enterprise.
No profanity. This includes the "f_ _ _" type substitutions. No exceptions.
3. No racial name-calling, including "gook." No exceptions.
4. No all UPPER CASE or all lower case messages, or messages devoid of any punctuation.
5. No name-calling or belittling, demeaning, or grossly disrespectful statements, nor threats, implied threats, nor inappropriate expressions of actions you would like to do toward anyone. Everyone's entitled to post an appropriate message (Vietnam or veteran related issues) as long as it is presented respectfully and with some thought. Everyone can reply in a like manner. It is okay to disagree, recognizing we can be civil and allow other's their opinions.
6. No advertisements or commercial messages. No exceptions.
7. No posting of the countless web-page rumors we are bombarded with daily!
8. No posting of stories or long remarks.
9. No posting unverified claims or statements attributed to others, without stating your source. If your source is that someone sent this to me by email...don't post it at War Stories. The classic example is the POW mistreatment by Jane Fonda in Hanoi, which is a totally bogus story that has been debunked by the POWs named in that story.
10. No False statements or claims.

11. No outrageous anti-war comments meant to incite harsh responses from readers.

12. No posting of BIOS.

13. No posting of long articles found elsewhere online. You may state there is an informative article at (enter the hyperlink URL address). Members interested will check it out.

14. Links: No posting a link(s) to an inappropriate website or file (i.e. that link or site would not comply with VSPA's BB Guidelines.

15. Topics/Subjects: Posting a Topic or Subject that results in an inappropriate response may result in the removal of the entire post.

16. VSPA's Bulletin Board is a Family Rated BB, and we plan to keep it that way. Violations of the above guidelines will be deleted, generally without comment.

17. Repeat violations of the above guidelines will cause the visitor's email to be permanently blocked from all VSPA's email and BB features.

18. If the above guidelines seem too restrictive, then post your message elsewhere.

A fool and his money are soon parted:
VSPA cannot control the posting of messages of a commercial nature. When noted, those unauthorized messages are deleted regardless of how worthy they may appear. The appearance of hyperlinks and solicitations does not constitute endorsement by VSPA of this Web site or the information, products, or services contained therein. For other than authorized activities such as military exchanges and morale, welfare and recreation sites, VSPA does not exercise any editorial control over the information you may find at these locations.

Visitors can respectfully disagree with other's points of view.
Visitors cannot slander or disrespect one another. Logo
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© 1995-2023. All Rights Reserved.
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