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War Stories is a family rated page that is Banned for public viewing in China. Nowhere within War Stories is China critized in any way. Nevertheless, China considers the personal stories Vietnam Veterans have posted on these pages not suitable for public consumption. I consider China's actions more of a comment on their form of government, than a negative mark against War Stories ... and therefore, an Award, which I proudly post:

Sites Blocked in China
Empirical Analysis of Internet Filtering in China

Title: Vietnam War Stories: Library of over 500 War Stories
Site: www.war-stories.com (and subdirectories) Blocking quotient:
Blocked on: Aug 26 (Jiangsu), Sep 30 (Shanghai) 2002.
Google: Society > Military > Veterans > Vietnam War > Army Activities
Description:Library of 500 War Stories, Vietnam Memorials, USAF, Army, Navy, Marines, Coast Guard, all wars, military store, collectibles, K-9, war dogs, KIA, MIA, POW, poems,
Inbound Link Count: 500 linking pages

The listings give specific web sites found to be blocked in China. Where available, each page's listing includes its HTML title, its META keywords and description, its Yahoo Directory and Google Directory category classifications, and its Google inbound link count. These details are as retrieved in November 2002. All "blocked on" reports refer to testing in the year 2002.

As detailed in the technical appendix, the overwhelming majority of listed sites were found to be blocked in their entirety. The listing below includes a notation when our testing specifically confirms the blocking of additional portions of a site. Where indicated, blocking of entire sites was confirmed on the basis of DNS redirection. The appendix also provides details as to the method of calculation and presentation of "blocking quotient" data.

American Veteran Search "Patriotic Site Award" -- Rich & Jack
From: VetsSearch@aol.com
Subject: Congratulations, Top 10 Patriotic Site Award

American Veteran Search War Stories: Congratulations, This is Rich & Jack from American Veteran Search. We are proud to tell you that your website has been chosen to be featured in our AVS Monthly Newsletter in the "Top 10 Patriotic Site Award" section. We will Also add a link to your site on our site.

What this means is we have reviewed your website and considered it worthy to be sent to our members. Our monthly Newsletter now gets sent to over 3 million Veterans on the Internet. We have spent the better part of two hours reviewing thoroughly the "Vietnam Veterans War Stories" site. We are incredibly amazed at the growth and the competent manor in which you have taken to bring this worthwhile endeavor to America's Veterans. Veterans mostly forgotten by the citizens who enjoy their freedom fought and won with tremendous sacrifice by veterans. Veterans prepared to fight, and having given of themselves in many conflicts throughout American history, deserve more. It is obvious your tremendous love of our American Veterans who served their country.

We live in times when most citizens choose, to sit quietly and relaxed, maintaining their own original state of apathetic, day to day existence, allowing the standards of American freedom to be removed one inch at a time. You have begun to build a path for the world to see that America is more than the Daily movement of money on the Dow. We must not allow a new breed of America to forget the price paid. We must not allow a youthful America to think that this freedom will last without the veterans of the future.

Your site, "Vietnam Veterans War Stories" from all we have seen in review, is a call in the darkness to America to not allow itself to stay asleep at the wheel of freedom. We are proud to know you are visible to the world. That the great light of the American Veteran shines for those to know they were there. And that all Veterans, united, proud, undivided, can once again make a visible difference in the future of a strong America within a new world.

It is with much Pride that we present you with our,
American Veteran Search "Patriotic Site Award".

TOP GUN GOLD, Best in Group 1998 Award!     TOP GUN GOLD WEBSITE 1998 Award!      1

1st to receive Quigley's Down Under Top Vet Site Award!

Don, As my mentor and because of your kindness and patience Quigleys' Down~Under was born. For all intents and purposes it has become an extension of War Stories! It is then only fitting that you be the first to receive Quigleys' Down~Under Top Vet Site Award.

Thanks Brother! Steve Quigley


StudyWeb Academic Excellence Award! Congratulations
War Stories web site has been selected as one of the Net's finest informative and is included in StudyWeb TM's listing of educational links.
StudyWeb is one of the Internet's premier sites for educational resources for students and teachers. Since 1996, our expert reviewers have scoured the Internet to select only the finest sites to be included in StudyWeb TM's listing of educational links. Inclusion in StudyWeb TM will increase your exposure and attract new visitors to your site: our reviews have been featured on Webcrawler Select, The Lycos Top 5%, Education World and many others, and StudyWeb TM updates are provided to media and educational resources around the world.

Thanks -- and again, congratulations War Stories !
The StudyWeb Editing Team


Gecko Top Vet Site


Organization: Gecko Country Don Brother, I have just now had a chance to view War Stories! . I am quite taken by your whole site. Your walk along the Autumn's Wall is well ... let's just say I had to stop and get some Kleenex. Wonderful brother! I am attaching my Top Vet Site Award , and I have created a link to your site in my Military Links section. Thanks Don, and keep up the great work on your site. You have much to be proud of.


Looking Back Top Vet Site

Looking Back Top Vet Site
Don, Please accept the Looking Back Top Site Award for a truly outstanding War Stories! Vet site.
Semper Fi, brother, Gordon Boswell

187th Assault Helicopter Company Top Site Award!

1st to Receive: 187th Assault Helicopter Company
Don, I am extremely grateful for the War Stories! work you have done and send along my sincere appreciation. I hope you accept this Top Vet Site Award from me for your truly magnificent page, and for the extra mile you walk to help other Vets put their story together. Thank you again my friend, and God Bless you.
Mike Hodges, Rat Pack 38

LVSCA Top Vet Site

Veterans News and Information Service, Top Vet Site!

Organization: Veterans News and Information Service War Stories! site has been chosen to receive the VNIS Top Vet Site Award . This award is presented to sites which provide current and up-to-date news and information to the Military Veteran Community. As an award winner you are entitled to display the "Top Vet Site" logo. Again, Congratulations and keep up the good work! VNIS Webmaster


Tackett's Cadet Order Of Honor Award
Organization: The Tackett's Home Page

To Qualify for the Cadet Order Of Honor" Award, your website must be:
1. Patriotic in it's theme
2. Reflect Love of Country
3. Show Support and Concern for the Military
4. Show Support and Concern for Veterans

This Award cannot be applied for. It is awarded by the Owner of Tackett's Website to those who have Earned it. It is with the greatest of pride and gratitude that the "Cadet Order of Honor" is bestowed on Don Poss' War Stories! Website, this 6th day of October in the year of 1997.

Scott A. Tackett Sr.


Organization: The Home and Hearth

The Light Award, Home and Hearth. Hi Don, Just got back from your very touching and moving War Stories! I was very impressed by the work you have put into your site and would love to present you with our The Light Award. I have attached the award and will add a link to your site on our winner's list ASAP. You have a well thought out site and have done a marvelous job on a very special subject.
      Have a good life and live in love.

Ben Ciolczynski, President of Home & Hearth

Family Friendly TOP VET SITE

Airborne Master Gunner's Top Site Award

Airborne Master Gunner's
Top Site Award,

Presented to War Stories!
outstanding dedication to our
soldiers, past, present and future.
Your untiring efforts to not forget
those who still haven't made last
call reflects great credit to yourself,
your site, and the country you love
so much.

Jose & Donna Ramirez


Organization: The Hot Brass Military Website

The Hot Brass Military Website

Congratulations! You own a HOT BRASS Website! For a year now, I have been traversing the web looking for military websites which creatively brought a personal perspective of our service to the nation. I especially sought out those where military history is well documented. At the same time, I looked for sites which have high educational value to youngsters. Obviously - these sights must be suitable for developing minds. All along, I took notes - and "scored" them for their potential influence upon future citizens.
      Thank you very much for the great expenditure of time, talent, and self which is evident in War Stories! . You have given the world real, Fine Gold .

Thank You! John Tomany


Tackett's Cadet Order Of Honor Award


Organization: The Tackett's Home Page

The American Pride Patriotic Website Award is Awarded to War Stories! on November 14, 1997. Congatulations from the Tackett Family. The Award is very Special, and is Awarded Only to a Handful of Chosen Websites. Websites that are Rated as Truly Superb. In Addition to all the qualifications required for the Cadet Order Of Honor , Your Website must be Displayed in a manner that shows Outstanding Creativity and Application of Website Skills. To see the Order in which other websites have received the Award, please see the
The American Pride Patriotic Website Award.


Reflections Organization: Vietnam Security Police Association

Don, at VSPA's recent Reunion, your dedication and efforts on behalf of the association and Vietnam Veterans were recognized and appreciated. You were unanimously Awarded the enclosed Print of the famous painting by Lee Teter, "Relections" with a special processing that gives an original oil paint finish. The moving portrait of a Vietnam veteran at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial (25 1/2" x 31"), is Awarded in recognition for outstanding service via War Stories! and VSPA webpages---both are Top Vietvet Sites ! Thank you again for all you have and are doing.

Steve Ray


Hero Award!From: Dolores H. Adams

War Stories! - Don, I have just spent about 3 hours reading some of the stories on your web page. Believe me, I will be back as time permits. I am the wife of Vietnam Veteran John H. Adams, who was with 3rd Amtracs. I just wanted to thank you for providing a place for so many Veterans to tell their stories and get together again. I also want to thank you and all of them for being there when our country called and to say Welcome Home .

Please accept this humble,


Soldiers of The Cross, Top Site Award
Organization: Soldiers Of The Cross

From: Larry Stanberry

War Stories! - Hi Don: I would like to award your site as an Exceptional Web Site devoted to Veterans interests and enjoyment as well. Thanks Don for all the fun hours at your home, doc. Sincerely in Christ, Larry "DOC" Stanberry


wv-logoOrganization: World Village Family Site of the Day
Subject: WorldVillage 6/12 Family Site of the Day selection, Vietnam Jukebox

Congratulations!! Your web site, War Stories Vietnam Jukebox , has been selected as the WorldVillage Family Site of the Day for June 12, 1998! The editors at WorldVillage in honor and recognition of the web's finest family-friendly sites choose this award.

Selected by the Family PC family testers as a recommended site for families, WorldVillage receives over 250,000 visitors each month. We hope that you will enjoy the traffic you receive from our site, as you certainly deserve it. Please visit our site at https://www.worldvillage.com/famsite.htm and see the review of your web site, as well as others that have been selected as well.

Thanks again for producing a high quality site that children and adults may use!

Warm regards,
Rich Cunningham,
WorldVillage Family Site Editor

Our Review: The name of today's FamSite...relates to a period of time, when the Golden Oldies of today were the current rage of the airwaves. The site is Vietnam Jukebox, and it is a collection of songs, in MIDI format, that were popular during from 1960 to 1975. Here you can listen to (and download) just about any song that you can think of from that era. Not only the popular ones such as Good Vibrations and Locomotion and Lollipop are featured, but ones that were not as big of hits but are remembered nostalgically. These include Ballad of the Green Beret and Tom Dooley and Hang On Sloopy.
      So if you want a nice nostalgic trip down memory lane, or if you are dying to hear what your parents or grandparents listened to while they were younger, then hop on over to this site. It is a fun one!


T.J.'s In Country, Top Site Award
Organization: Mom's Vietnam Vet Message Board and Buddy Search, and
T.J.'s in-country page

From: Linda Luther

War Stories! - Hi Don: I would like to present War Stories with this token of my gratitude for your service to our country. May the Lord bless you, and your loved ones. Linda Luther


Top Site Award: The Official PBR Forces Veterans Association (PBR FVA)


The Official PBR Forces Veterans Association (PBR FVA)
Organization: PBR Forces Veterans Association (PBR FVA)

From: Linda Luther


From: Max L. Popov
Subject: Top Site Award!

War Stories! Please accept this small token of our (PBR FVA) appreciation for War Stories! a site that is a great source of healing and very informative.

PBR Forces Veterans Association Staff

Vet Vets Welcome Home!
Sandy's POW/MIA Website Award for Excellence!

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