Assault on the American Embassy - TET 1968
TET 1968

by: General Thomas L "Egor" Johnson
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I flew two tours of duty in Vietnam (1965-1966) and (1967-1968) flying with the 57th Med Det (The Original DUSTOFF) and a third tour in (1970-1971) with the 118th Assault Helicopter Company & the 179th Heavy Lift Helicopter Company.

I am the founder of the DUSTOFF Association which I formed in February 1980 and is now a 1,200 member organization (www.dustoff.org). I was a member of the DUSTOFF crew at the Battle of the American Embassy. I hold a Certificate of Application from the Commandant of the Marine Corps for this history, when it was published.

"Egor" Johnson

[FYI: Egor Johnson's title as "General" comes from his law enforcement duties.]

Forward By SSG (Ret) Thomas L. Johnson
February 18, 2006

Thirty-Eight years ago, the events that are depicted within this historical manuscript took place in the City of Saigon, Republic of Vietnam. In March of 1983 this manuscript was published by the United States Army Military Police Corps after over 3 years of extensive research and interviews of the participants in this pivotal battle. It is now Twenty-Three years since this manuscript was initially published and additional information has come to light over these years. My post military career has taken many different turns from a career in Law Enforcement in which I have retired as a Chief of Police to being the Chief of Staff for a major Construction Company. As I have reviewed what I wrote these many years ago, I can see that it would be a dishonor not to update this manuscript with the latest information. In this manuscript I will attempt to complete this story which if it were a screenplay, people would say it could never have happened. To those brothers in arms who fought this unpopular war and to the Military Policeman and Marines who wrote this chapter in American History, I dedicate this effort.

Thomas L. “Egor” Johnson
Staff Sergeant (Retired)
Wichita, Kansas
February 18, 2006

Assault on the American Embassy - TET 1968

Dear Don,
I know your organization (VSPA) well, the mission after we pulled ours at the Embassy was to the Red Horse area for wounded Security Policeman, and went into that area twice more that night. Think you are doing a great service to us Vietnam Vets.

Gen (Ret) Thomas L. "Egor" Johnson
(Director of Public Safety-Retired)

General Thomas L "Egor" Johnson
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Attachments: Assault on the American Embassy - TET 1968.pdf

Dear Sir,
I would like to let you have this historical manuscript. It is the history of the Battle of the American Embassy, TET 1968. I had it published by the MP Corps 23 years ago, but have the rights to it, and I have now updated it to make it easier to understand a very complicated battle.  Hope you will consider it, it is 88 pages long.

Thomas L. Johnson
Gen. Thomas L. "Egor" Johnson
(Chief of Police - Retired)

From: General Thomas L "Egor" Johnson
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Dear Don,
Would be very interested in your opinion of this account. As an Air Policeman you have a perspective that will let me know if the story can be followed easily.



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