Deceased VSPA Members

War-Stories Deceased Membership List (RIP)
Policy for Inclusion of deceased names

The Dedication for War-Stories' Deceased Membership Roster:

"In Memory of War-Stories Members
who served honorably in the United States Military during the Vietnam War,
and ... Have now Joined Those Who Fell Before Them."

The long standing War-Stories' policy for inclusion at the Deceased Members Roster, is to include only current or prior War-Stories members on any WS Honor Rolls. There were over 1.5 million U.S. military who served in Vietnam and Thailand during the war years, and to simply post names as our Vietvet population ages, would reduce the website to an obituary page ... and that is not our purpose. Non War-Stories members are not included simply because, in life, they did not join War-Stories, nor contribute stories, photos, fellowship, nor did they ask to receive a gratis membership based on hardship.

War-Stories inclusion policy for deceased members does not take away from a deceased friend’s memory at all, and we invite any who knew the deceased Veteran who otherwise qualified for WS membership to write a tribute page and we will post it in his memory. For those wanting to honor a Vietnam Veteran by purchasing a retroactive-honorary membership for a deceased friend, you may do so. Or, you may simply write a short story about your service together and we will post it in the deceased's memory.

Don Poss,
War-Stories Webmaster