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The Price of Freedom ...

© 1996, by Don Poss

Autumn's Wall, photo © 1996, by Don Poss
The National Vietnam Veterans Memorial, Constitution Gardens, Washington, D.C.

The Wall: Of the 2.7 million Americans who served in the Vietnam war, 304,000 were wounded in action, and 75,000 were disabled. Of the casualties listed on The Wall, approximately 1,300 remain missing in action.

      My first visit to The Wall in D.C. was in November, and was not closure so much as knowing that it's okay now ... they are at rest and I am at peace with their passing. After finding the Name of your loved-one, son, daughter, brother, sister, grandchild or grandparent, friend, or Vietvet buddy, I invite you to return and experience Pat Camunes' touching poem, From The Other Side, and then, walk my Autumn's Wall with me and see and feel through photos, like my above clickable composite panorama, of the beauty and tranquility of the Vietnam Veterans' War Memorial.

      Fighting Men paid the greatest toll in Vietnam, America's longest war at that time, as in other wars of our nation. I offer four other categories of search: Generals and Flag Officer, Senior Non Commissioned Officers (NCO), Military Women, and Native American Warriors. Why? Too few realize that General Officers and Senior NCOs led us and also paid the ultimate price. Too few realize that women, along side men, died in this war as in all others. Too few know of the tremendous sacrifice Native Americans have made in defense of our common homeland.

      Names on the Memorial are in alpha order, and include Rank, Branch of Service, City, State, Date of Birth, Date of incident, and Wall location by Memorial-Panel and Line-Numbers. To search by Name, Click on an above Letter for the Last Name, then scroll to that Name.

     Special Symbols beside Names: The National Vietnam Veterans Memorial, Constitution Gardens, Washington, D.C. has symbols by each Name. Each name is preceded on the west wall, or followed on the east wall, by one of two symbols: a diamond or a cross (†) designating status. The diamond symbol denotes that the service member†s death was confirmed; the cross (†) symbol denotes the person was in missing or prisoner status at the end of the war and remains missing and unaccounted for. The approximately 1,150 persons whose names are designated by the cross were either missing or prisoners at the end of the war and remain missing and unaccounted for. The diamond symbol is superimposed over the cross when a service member†s remains are returned or otherwise accounted for (War Stories! database uses a lime-color cross); and a circle†as a symbol of life†will be inscribed around the cross should a serviceman ever return alive.

      Special Symbols beside Names:
War Stories! Vietnam Veterans Memorial places a cross (†) following the rank of an prior or current MIA or POW. All other Names represent a confirmed death.

Frequently Asked Questions, including Errors on The Wall: There are many errors on The National Vietnam Veterans Memorial, Constitutional Park, Washington, D.C., and there are errors on every Vietnam Veterans' homepage that attempts to duplicate the Names on National Memorial, commonly called, The Wall. If you notice an error, please E-mail Don Poss with the error noted and the correct information. If I can confirm your information through official sources I will correct the error for this database.

Requesting a Rose or Flage for a Name:

You may email Don Poss and request a Rose Vietnam Veterans' War Stories! or Flag Vietnam Veterans' War Stories! (of any allied nation) be placed by the warrior's Name.* Or, perhaps write a Memory. You can also ask about e-mailing a Photo of the fallen, or something meaningful like a Unit Crest/Patch (all Unit Crests are clickable to see the full size), and I will advise you regarding the necessary format.

About your Request:
1) All Vietnam Veterans who died in the Vietnam War are honored at the National Monument in D.C., and on numerous Vietvet sites on the web. War Stories! offers you the opportunity to place a token of your remembrance beside the Name of your loved one or friend as a personal gesture. This offer must remain as a personal touch by you to a special Vietnam Veteran Named on The Wall. War Stories! can no longer place Flags, Roses, or Unit Patches for entire Units, lists of Names, Family Names, or Associations, nor lists of possible relatives. Such requests should be directed to that Unit's, or Association's, homepage, or on a Tribute page created by yourself.

2) All requests must be signed. No exceptions.

3) Your request is generally copied directly from your email request to Don Poss as-is, so use spell-check.

4) Most errors in requests are spelling of a Name. Often there are several identical Names on The Wall, so list what state he or she was from (if known).

5) Multiple Requests for the same Name: It is not unusual for more than one person to make a Request for the same Name on The Wall. When I notice those requests, I try to contact you to see if you want to exchange E-mail with the other Requester. Could be a friend who served with your loved one . . . but it has also turned out to be x-girlfriends, or x-wives, or persons you might not want contact with. I don't determine that, I just let the e-mailers know there are existing Requests for the same Name, and if both parties agree I then Forward E-mail addresses.

6) And finally---please use Upper and Lower Case when typing . UPPER CASE (CAPS) E-MAIL or all lower case requests WILL NOT BE POSTED or responded to! Sorry, but there are so many requests I cannot retype all the mixed-case e-mails.

HR 2540 (Criteria for Names)
About the Vietnam Veterans Memorial And
The Wall That Heals†The VVMF Traveling Wall.

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