American Warriors
Freedom Is Not Free

In Memory of Native Americans who served and died in the Vietnam War

Dedicated to the Memory of my Great-Great Grandfather, Napolean Bonaparte Anders
© 2000, by Don Poss, WS LM-01

American War Path, by Don PossThe National Vietnam Veterans Memorial, Constitution Gardens, Washington, D.C.

Since Word War I, American Indian have served in the United States Armed forces. During the Vietnam War, close to 90% of the 86,000 Indians who enlisted volunteered, giving Native Americans the highest record of service per capita of any ethnic group. Over half served in combat." Tom Holm

Four ... are still there ....

Benton, Victor Joe Jr.
Crook, Elliott  Hammond, Dennis Wayne Siow, Gale Roberts
Generals and Admirals
Senior Non Commissioned Officers
Women of The Wall
Native American Warriors
American Warrior Series
by: Don Poss, WS LM-01
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