Purple Heart Generals and Flag Officer of The Wall Purple Heart

Autumn's Wall, photo © 1996, by Don Poss
The National Vietnam Veterans Memorial, Constitution Gardens, Washington, D.C.
                                              Birth  Incident		              Panel
Last Name     First  Middle     Rank  EO Srv  Date   19YYMMDD Home of Record State    Location 
              ADAMS CARROLL EDWARD JR BG    O6 A  19230607 19700512 PAWTUCKET        RI     10W 021  Posthumously Promoted
BOND          WILLIAM ROSS      BG    O7 A  19181204 19700401 RELAY            MD     12W 065 
BURDETT       EDWARD BURKE      BG    O7 F  19210310 19671118 MACON            GA     30E 013 
CRUMM         WILLIAM JOSEPH    MG    O8 F  19190320 19670707 SCARSDALE        NY BNR 23E 026
CASEY         GEORGE WILLIAM    MG    O8 A  19220309 19700707 ALLSTON          MA     09W 126 
DILLARD       JOHN ALBERT B JR  MG    O8 A  19190901 19700512 LAKE CHARLES     LA     10W 023 
GIRARD        CHARLES JACK      BG    O7 A  19170723 19700117 SUMTER           SC     14W 040 
HOCHMUTH      BRUNO ARTHUR      MG    O8 M  19110510 19671114 HOUSTON          TX     29E 095 
MOODY         ALFRED JUDSON     BG    O7 A  19180304 19670319 HAMDEN           CT     16E 113 
ROBINSON      REMBRANDT CECIL   RADM  O7 N  19241002 19720508 CLEARFIELD       PA     01W 015 
TALLMAN       RICHARD JOSEPH    BG    O7 A  19250328 19720709 HONESDALE        PA     01W 055
WARE     KEITH LINCOLN     MG    O8 A  19151123 19680913 LOS ANGELES      CA     44W 055
WORLEY        ROBERT FRANKLIN   MG    O8 F  19191010 19680723 RIVERSIDE        CA     51W 047 

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