FAQ: Trouble Shooting
Why IExplorer?

Webmastering a website as large as War-Stories's requires some tough decisions, such as which major browser to code for. Trying to code for IExplorer, Netscape (No longer supported by Netscape distributors), Firefox, Oprea, Safari, and Mac browsers would require a programming staff and greatly increase the the size of War-Stories's website with a comparitively small return in service to members! WebTV isn't even in the picture. Like it or not, only IExplorer is designed and configured to run all the scripts, javas, html applets, and advanced ASP programs that IExplorer accommodates.

Time-constraints for maintaining and updating War-Stories's website are and have been for a long time very demanding. Why did War-Stories select IExplorer as its default browser? Without doubt there are better operating systems and browsers than Bill Gates' Windows and IExplorer. But 95% of the entire computer user world only uses Windows Explorer as the preferred operating system and browser. It doesn't matter if there is a better browser out there that is not attacked by hackers. Just like the public once upon a time chose the inferior VHS over BETA video recorders.

The good news is today's computers are large and fast enough to run more than one operating system. If you elect to use one of the above browsers, then consider also using IExplorer. There is only one solution: War-Stories's website works best with IExplorer: download it and use it and you will not have any problems! And that's the simple truth. Otherwise, War-Stories's webpage may not work well for you the majority of the time--and never will.

Click here to learn how to Download and install the most recent version of Java (free) on your browser, or Download and install the new Flash Player release (free), and Download and install the new Adobe Acrobat Reader release (free) v8.1

Don Poss,
War-Stories Webmaster

FAQ: What has happened to our web site? It used to be so easy to negotiate around, check members list, current officers, etc. Now I am having trouble getting off of the home page. Could you advise?

A number of things happened but primarily, the entire site was redesigned. The new site uses more complex and secure software. Prior to the upgrade, our site was hacked frequently by the smut peddlers, scammers and those who are opposed to what we stand for. Our new site doesn't provide 100% security (none do) but it provides a quantum leap over the previous site.

Normally, problems occur because of one of 5 things:

1.  Web Browsers: The most common problem occurs when Members access the site using a web browser other than Internet Explorer. Other browsers, such as Firefox, Safari and Netscape do not work well at the War-Stories site because our site is optimized for Internet Explorer. That is the browser in use by over 97 percent of all computer users. WebTV does not support Java. Netscape (No longer supported by Netscape) users should load Explorer 6 or greater (War-Stories web is optimized for Explorer, display: 1024x768), as newer versions are release. We recommend version 6 because some people have experienced problems with version 7. I use Version 7 and have had no problems with it.

2.  JAVA: You must have the current version of the Java engine installed and active in your browser. Most browsers have Java installed but it might not be active. Procedures for updating and activating Java are on our Troubleshooting page. I can also assist you by email or phone.

3.  Pop-ups must be allowed at the War-Stories web site because the sub menus (like the sign-in dialogue box for Members Only areas) are contained in pop-ups.

4.  Yahoo Toolbar: Probably the hardest to troubleshoot is the Yahoo Toolbar. Many guys have downloaded and installed the Yahoo Toolbar. It has presented lots of problems that I have been unable to solve. It causes problems not only on War-Stories's web site but others as well. I usually recommend uninstalling the Yahoo Toolbar. If you need a specialty toolbar, try Google's. I haven't received any reports of problems with the Google Toolbar.

5. Old Technology vs. New: Problem #5 isn't one I like to address but it is a fact of life. Sometimes technology passes up our computer's capabilities. Some computers are getting a little long in the tooth (like me) and do not handle complex web pages very well. Older PCs may not have the memory or processing speed needed. There are a couple of tweaks I can help you with if memory is a problem. Coupled with a slower computer, a slow internet connection can be very frustrating. Most modern web sites, including War-Stories, do not work well with a dial-up connection. If you have a slow connection, you may have to close all applications (e-mail, word processing, games, other windows, etc) other than your web browser.

I hope I have given you some ideas of what might be causing your problem(s). I will be happy to work with you by email to help you solve them.

Welcome Home,

Don Poss, LM-1
War-Stories Webmaster