If I Could Change One Thing...
By entering these pages, I agree not to criticize my brothers'
who write or share in confidentiality what they must.

The purpose of this area is to allow the expression of one thing you wish that you had the power to change, that occurred during your tour of duty during the Vietnam War. Whatever that may be, it does not have to be important nor make sense to us ... because it is what you would do, If I Could Change One Thing....

Readers' responses to stories may be added as an addendum to the story, or may be forwarded to the author, but will not be posted at the Bulletin Board, nor become public. Nevertheless, no one can guarantee complete anonymity, confidentiality, nor that what is expressed or published here will not make it into the public sector of the web.

If I Could Change One Thing ...



War-Stories, Members Only AreaScarlet Ribbons, Đà Nẵng, 1965, by Don Poss.
War-Stories, Members Only AreaSky Spot Radar site, Đông Hà Airfield, 1967, by Terry Sandman.
War-Stories, Members Only AreaThis Little Light of Mine! 1970-1971, Cam Ranh Bay, 1970, If only I hadn't heard, by Steve Turner.
War-Stories, Members Only AreaYoung Trooper Talking ... Phan Rang, 1967, by Bob Mitchell.
War-Stories, Members Only AreaCentipede! 1970, Cam Ranh Bay AB, by, James Randall [This one you've got to see!].
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