by Stephen Janke
ISBN: 978-1-49317-094-4
© 2014

Poems From A Soldier, by Stephen Janke © 2014

Poems From A Soldier

Vietnam 1970 - 71

by Stephen A. Janke

A Book Review by
Reviewed by: Jackie R. Kays
Author of:
“Security Police…Vietnam and Thailand War Stores.”
Four Star Review!

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ISBN: 978-1-49317-094-4

“I watch in disbelief when Saigon fell my heart was filled with grief....”

Book Review by: Jackie R. Kays
Title: “Poems from a Soldier”
Author: Stephen A. Janke
Subject Matter: Poems in regards to the Vietnam War
Size: Approximately 80 pages
Published by: Xlibris.com
May be purchased at most on-line book stores.
ISBN # 978-1-4931-7094-4
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I highly recommend Poems from a Soldier, a book of War Poems. The poems will take you back to another world and another time in your life. They will cause you laugh and in some cases, cry. If the reader has never served in the military, then the poems will awaken you to the military life of men and women, who valiantly served their country in combat at a time when thousands of others refused to serve!

The Vietnam War cost the lives of over fifty-eight thousand young warriors. Poems from a Soldier is a standing salute to all of those, who served in that jungle war. Many of these poems reveal that there is nothing dignified about war…War is indeed hell!

This reviewer found Stephen A. Janke’s Poems from a Soldier to be a true descriptive view of the Vietnam War.

As you read the poems, it becomes obvious of the Author’s unique talent to stir the reader’s emotions.

One of this reviewer’s favorite poems is: When Saigon Fell… “I watch in disbelief when Saigon fell my heart was filled with grief.” I think this poem describes the raw reality of the war for all the worriers, who served there!

Poems from a Soldier is well composed and illustrated. So don’t miss; Poems from a Soldier, by Stephen A. Janke.

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