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Estimated 418,500 USA Military Deaths, 670,846 Wounded, 124,079 POWs, 30,314 MIAs.*
World War II (the Second World War) was a global military war involving the majority of nations and all
of the Great powers.
Estimated death toll in World War II is roughly 72 million, making it the deadliest war ever.
"The Greatest Generation!"
Research Historial World War II Posters
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World War II United States Soldier
Office of The War Department
WWII Posters: 1778-1943. Americans will Always fight for liberty!
WWII Posters: 7th War Loan: Now All Together!
WWII Posters: Uncle Sam - Buy War Bonds!
WWII Posters: Allys - United! The United Nations Fight For Freedom!
WWII Posters: The British Navy; Deserve Victory; Keep Mum!; Never So Much...; Carless Talk Costs Lives; Let Us Go Forward Together - Churchill.
WWII Posters: Give'em the Stuff to Fight With!
WWII Posters: Australian - This Man is Your Friend! He Fights for Freedom!
WWII Posters: Come On Canada!
WWII Posters: Russian - This Man is Your Friend! He Fights for Freedom!
WWII Posters: Don't Let That (Nazi) Shadow Touch Them! Buy War Bonds!
WWII Posters: (Medical) Care is Costly! Buy And Hold War Bonds!
WWII Posters: (Bonds) Coming Right Up!
WWII Posters: (Bombed City) It Can Happen Here! Unless We Keep'em Firing!
WWII Posters: I Gave a Man (father). Will you give at least 10 percent of your pay in War Bonds?
WWII Posters: Let's Fly this Flay By New Year's! Everybody, at Least 10% in War Bonds!
WWII Posters: John Paul Jones said: I have not yet begun to fight! Fight with War Stamps and Bonds!
WWII Posters: 4th War Loan - Let'em Have it! Buy Extra Bonds!
WWII Posters: Save to Beat the Devil! Buy Victory Bonds!
WWII Posters: You Can't Afford to Miss Either. Buy Bonds Every Payday!
WWII Posters: You buy'em We'll Fly'em! Defense Bonds Stamps.
WWII Posters: To Have and to Hold! War Bonds!
WWII Posters: The M-1 does My Talking ... with your cartridges!
WWII Posters: Have You Really Tried To Save Gas by getting into a Car Club?
WWII Posters: You Give Us the Fire, We'll Give'em Hell! Let's Go, Everybody-keep'em Firing!
WWII Posters: Help Win The War, Squeeze in one more! Hi Ho! Hi Ho! It's Off to Work We Go!
WWII Posters: When You Ride Alone You Ride with Hitler! Join a Car-Sharing Club Today!
WWII Posters: America Calling! Take Your Place in Civilian Defense (CD)!
WWII Posters: If You tell where he's going ... He may never get there!
WWII Posters: Don't Kill Her Daddy with Careless Talk! New York Times; Los Angeles Times.
WWII Posters: Keep Mum She's not so Dumb! Careless Talk Costs Lives!
WWII Poster: Flag. First In The Fight - Always Faithful - Be A U.S. Marine!
WWII Poster: Flag. Give It Your Best!

WWII Poster: He Volunteered for Submarine Service.
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