Posters of World War II
The Greatest Generation
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Let's All Pull Together. To Keep'em Pulling For Victory.
Avenge Pearl Harbor. Our Bullets Will Do it.
Remember Dec. 7th! ... We here highly resolve that these dead shall not have died in vain...
Join, U.S. Army Air Corps
Japanese Emperor
...Because somebody talked! (1-Star Flag)
S.A. Mann Brand (Nazi flag and soldier)
USA More Production.
WWII Poster: UNITED. The United Nations Fights for Freedom
England Expects National Service
Keep The Home Front Pledge, Pay no more than Ceiling Prices. Pay your Points in full. (Food Ration fights)
WWII Poster: U.S. Mariens First to Fight for Democracy. Enlist at 24 East 23rd Street, New York City.Britian Together
WWII Poster: U.S. Marine Corps Womens Reserve. So Proudly We Serve.Smash Japanese Aggression
WWII Poster: Avenge Pearl Harbor. Our Bullets Will Do It.Japanese Allies Attacking Japanese Viewers
Stop Him and the Job is Done Japanese Samuria Attacking Allies WWII Poster: Chinese: This Man is your FRIEND. He fights for FREEDOM.
WWII Poster: ATTACK on All FrontsNazis Occupied Holland
WWII Poster: ACTION@ Men of 18 and 19 ... Chose Your Combat Branch: Infantry, Air Forces, Field Artillery, Coast Artillery, Engineers, Signal Corps, Armored Force, Cavalry. Apply at any U.S. Army Recruiting and Induction Station.Nazis Critizing SS for His Weakness to Fight
WWII Poster: I need you on the job Full Time ... Dont Get HurtNazis Critizing SS for His Weakness to Fight
WWII Poster: Keepem Flying, is Our Battle CRy! First Class Fighting Men Needed. Aviation Cadets...Young Men, 18 to 26 Years of Age Inclusive, for Air Crew Training as Bombardiers, Navigators and Pilots. SOLDIERS... Aggressive, Alert, Patriotic, Young Men, 18 and 19 Years of Age, Who Want to Fight for Their Country, Especially Desired. Apply Today At any U.S. Army Recruiting Station.
Propaganda Posters Soviets
Coalige Soviet Russia
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