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America's War Against Terrorism
September 11, 2001
4,245 Military Deaths, 31,035 Wounded, 7 POWs, and 1 MIAs (as-of 2/20/2009).1, 2
"There is no widely agreed on figure for the number of people that have been killed so far in the "War on Terrorism" as
it has been defined by the Bush Administration to include the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and operations elsewhere.
In Remembrance
"Desert Storm! Desert Shield! Operation Iraqi Freedom! Operation Enduring Freedom!"
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Office of The War Department
God Bless America. The face of prayer has changed. The need for prayer has not. Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord. Kneeling, President George Washington prays with a Soldier.
Operation Iraqi Freedom.
Freedom Is Not Free.
I Support Iraqi Freedom
Al-Qaeda Iraq. Wanted Poster.
We Support Our Troops.
Afghanistan Map.
Operation Iraqi Freedom.
Operation Iraqi Freedom. Freedom Isn't Free.
Operation Enduring Freedom, Eagle Attack.
1. WAAC: This is My War Too! 2. A female US Army soldier. 3. Free a man to Fight.
Anti-War Poster: Don't Worry About it. They're Not Americans.
Carrier! One Ship, 5,000 Stories.
Operation Iraqi Freedom. USMC aircraft.
A call from the operating forces is not a disruption of our daily routine. USMC>
Desert Storm. Coalition for Peace. Trading Cards.
Back The Attack! The 2nd Gulf War is On! This time we're pretty sure we'll kill that Saddam!
U.S. Army Special Operations Command. Operation Iraqi Freedom. We Will Not Tire...We Will Not Falter...and We Will Not Fail.
Operation Enduring Freedom. In Support and Remembrance. Operation Iraqi Freedom. North Dakota National Guard. All Gave Some. Some Gave All.
United States Army Special Forces. Helping Bad Guys Die Since 1952 !
Wanted. You may be rewarded for Information that leads to the capture of these criminals. If youhave information about these terrorists contact the nearest coalition or any soldier. These men are wanted for crimes against Iraq adn the people of Afghanistan.
Free Kuwait. National Free Kuwait day Rally, September 24, 1990.
Operation Iraqi Freedom. Star and Crest.
Operation Iraqi Freedom. Iraq Map with Baghdad and U.S. Eagle.
Fallen Heroes. Gone But Not Forgotten. Operatin Iraqi Freedom.
Iraq's Most Wanted. Same Decks from Kuwait.
Islamo-Fascism Awareness Week. October 22-26, 2007.
Opeation Iraqi Freedom, I and II.
Operation Iraqi Freedom. U.S. Eagle and aircraft.
Operatin Iraqi Freedom.
The War is also won in the home front. Support our troops in the frontlines! Peace shall be achieved only through the defeat of the enemy and with superior fire power!
Saddam? Osama? (President George W. Bush looking through a periscope)
Solider reading a map.
Soldier a vehicle check point.
A New Beginning. A new Iraq.
Airman Praying beside aircraft.
Iraq Challenge Coin
Medal of Honor. War on Terrorism. Sergeant First Class Paul R. Smith
Operation Iraqi Freedom. Photos on Poster.
Operation Iraqi Freedom. Convoy photos.
Hidden Wars of Desert Storm.
Operation Desert Storm posters.
Operation Enduring Freedom. Veterans Fighting the Global War on Terror.
Iraqi Mobile Missile Launcher (Camel with a missile in its mouth. Soldier with malet.
Operation Iraqi Freedom. Baseball game with bat and mortar-ball.
Climb To Glory. Offical Sponsor.

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