North Vietnamese Army
Anti-Aircraft Batteries Ring Hanoi!

 by: Don Poss
© 1995

Hanoi: Air War takes toll of U.S. Aircraft

The Air War over North Vietnam involved the heaviest anti-aircraft fire in the history of warfare. Anti-Aircraft-Artillery (AAA) employed by the North against U.S. aircraft included 23mm, twin 37mm (180 rounds per minute), 57mm, 85mm, and 100mm guns. Many batteries were radar controlled.

A virtual ring of AAA Batteries guarded the boundaries of Hanoi, Sam missile sites, and other major military targets. I hope my custom animated GIFs of Anti-Aircraft-Artillery Batteries firing in mass at U.S. aircraft gives you an appreciation for what our pilots faced in Northern air war combat--it did for me.

Big files for big guns! Cutting their sizes simply was an injustice to the awesome visual fire-power, and brutal Battery Firing (150K: Turn up the Volume!) cannonades of an NVA Anti-Aircraft-Battery in action. Look close at the photos for the artillery men firing and standing around (Which Battery is Jane Fonda's?)



CLICK to See two AAA Batteries Firing on U.S. aircraft

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