American Warrior Series
Warrior's Last Prayer
by: Don Poss
© 1999


... Father
      ... I hear singing
            ... what does it mean?

They are praying for you.

            ... But I am not dead.

No . . . You are not dead.

... My friends
            ... some were hurt.

They will be all right.

... But I feel all right too
            ... I do not hurt any more

            ... why can't I move?
                 ... why can't I see clearly?

You will see clearly, My son.

... My family ... I love them, Father.
            ... will they understand?

With heavy hearts ... they will understand.

... Mom
      ... Dad
            ... will they be all right?

I will give them peace.

 ... The singing, Father ... it's farther away now.

Listen as they pray more sweetly ...

            ... Are they praying for my friends?

For them ... and for you.

            ... Will we be together again?

Forever ... and ever.

Father ... they have stopped singing
                  ...  what does it mean?

Rest now
... My good and faithful servant
      ... and forever more
            ... Welcome into My home.

Warrior's Last Prayer
© 1999
by: Don Poss

In Memory of
James Bruce Jones
United States Air Force
6252nd Combat Air Police Sqdn
KIA January 25, 1966
Đà Nẵng AB, SVN



On January 25, 1999 ... thirty-three years after J.B.'s death ... I dreamt this poem as clear and vivid as if wide awake. I do not feel I wrote it, so much as it was given to me and for that, I give Thanks. Even now, I am amazed at its clarity. I awoke and wrote it down as it appears above. The warrior’s only dying thoughts and prayers are for others and does not try to alter the outcome for himself; drawing acceptance and peace in God’s assurance that He will care for those left behind.

American Warrior Series, by Don Poss

Warrior’s Last Prayer was the first poem in the American Warrior Series

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Don Poss is a retired detective police sergeant and former motor patrol officer,
and webmaster for

War Stories,
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, and the
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