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Were you
Killed in Vietnam?

That question requires a second read:
Were you Killed in Vietnam?

How many of our brothers do you know that have suddenly died of Agent Orange symptoms? Their names will never appear on The Wall, and yet they too were Killed in Vietnam as surely as the men and women of Hiroshima who are still dying of radiation poisoning from the Atomic Bomb were killed in ww11.

Most Vietnam Veterans survived Vietnam; 58,229 did not. How many more are on borrowed time?

The number of deaths from exposure is four times greater than the names on the memorial wall, and growing yearly.Network President Jenny LeFevre, Agent Orange Victims and Widows Support Network, attributes more than 250,000 deaths to Agent Orange, a toxic herbicide the U.S. military sprayed over Vietnam from 1962 to 1971.

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Animated Huey spraying Agent Orange. © by, Don Poss
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