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Estimated 116,516 USA Military Deaths, 204,002 Wounded, and 7,470 POWs, and 116,708 MIAs.*
World War I, the First World War and largest war in history, mobilized over 70 million military personnel, was global and involved the majority of Great world powers.
Research Historial World War I Posters
World War I - United States Soldier.
Office of The War Department
WWI Posters: Over The Top. Buy U.S. Gov't Bonds. Third Liberty Loan.
WWI Posters: Lloyds Bank (France) and National Provincial bank, Limited. Paris.
WWI Posters: Halt the Hun! Buy U.S. Government Bonds. Third Liberty Loan.
WWI Posters: Be Ready! Join Now.
WWI Posters: Your Country Needs You!
WWI Posters: Who's Absent? Is it You?
WWI Posters: Be Ready! Join Now.
WWI Posters: Treat'em Rough! Join The Tanks. United States Tank Corps. Open To Fighting Men. See Recruiting Officer at Adolphus Hotel. (age) 18 to 45.
WWI Posters: Victory! Congress Passes Daylight Saving Bill. Get Your Hoe Ready!
WWI Posters: Beat Back the Hun with Liberty Bonds!
WWI Posters: Know Him by this sign - The MEdical Caduceus. The Woudns of War are not all healed. Medical Department. U.S. Army.
WWI Posters: Compagnie Algerienne. Emprunt dela Liberation. (France)
WWI Posters: He is piling up his Thrift Stamps. Are You? Buy Thrift Stamps.
WWI Posters: Joan of Arc saved France. W.S.S. Women of America. Save Your Country. Buy War Savings Stamps. United States Treasury Department.
WWI Posters: Over The Top; Victory is a Question of Stamina, Send the Wheat, Meat, Fats, Sugar...the fuel for Fighters; An Education for you, Join the Tanks, U.S. Army; The Spirit of American, Join (Red Cross).
WWI Posters: It's worth While! That's Why. Buy War Savings Certificates.
WWI Posters: Clear-The-Way!! Buy Bonds Fourth Liberty Loan.
WWI Posters: An Appeal to You! (Join)
WWI Posters: (Uncle Sam) Volunteer and choose your own branch of the service, Uncle Sam. Army, Artillery, Cavalry, Engineers, Hospital Corps, Infantry, Marine Corps, nat'l Guard, Naval Militia, navy Quartermaster Corps--Which is for You?
WWI Posters: (Uncle Sam) I Want You for U.S. Army. Nearest Recruting Station.
WWI Posters: (Uncle Sam) I am telling you. On June 28th I expect you to enlist in the army of war savers to back up my army of fighters. W. S. S. Enlistment.
WWI Posters: Red Sox. I Want You for Red Sox Nation. Enlist today at Fenway Park.
WWI Posters: Be Patriotic, sign your country's pledge to save the food. U.S. Food Administration.
WWI Posters: PRO PATRIA! Join Army For Period of War.
WWI Posters: See Him Through! Help Us to Help The Boys. National Catholic War Council, Knights of Columbus. United War Work Campaign - Week of November 11, 1918.
WWI Posters: EMPTY! (Cigarette holder tin) Sammy's S. O. S. - Send Over Smokes! 25 cents. Keep a Fighting Man Happy for a Week. 1 Dollar, Sends a Month's Supply of Tobacco. ACT!
WWI Posters: The Empire Needs Men! The Overseas States. All Answer the Call! Helped by the Young Lions, The Old Lion Defies his Foes. ENLIST NOW.
WWI Posters: Books Wanted for our Men In Camp and Over There! Take Your Gifts to the Pubic Library.
WWI Posters: Take Up the Sword of Jusice!
WWI Posters: National Service. Who Follows? The Nation is Fighting for its Life. All Men should Enrol for National Service.
WWI Posters: Service. Surgical Dressings for War Relief.
WWI Posters: The Spirit of America. Join (Red Cross)
WWI Posters: Help! (Red Cross Nurse helping Wounded Soldier on battlefield)
WWI Posters: On Her Their Lives Depend. Women Munition Workers. Enrol at once!
WWI Posters: Women of Britain Say - Go!
WWI Posters: For Every Fighter A Woman Worker. YWCA. Back our Second Line of Defense. United War Work Campaign.
WWI Posters: Join The Air Service, Learn-Earn. WWI Posters, 1918: The Motor Corps of America (Uniformed woman with tools) WWI Posters: Till We Meet Again, Buy War Bonds
WWI Posters: Knowledge Wins. Public Library Books are Free.
WWI Posters, Britons (Image of King) Wants You. Join Your Country's Army! God Save The King.
WWI Posters: Back Him Up! Buy Victory Bonds.
WWI Posters, Good Bye, Dad, I'm Off To Fight For Old Glory, You Buy U.S. Gov't Bonds. Third Liberty Loan.
WWI Posters: Australia has promised Britian 50,000 more men. Will You help us keep that promis.
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