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Estimated 58,913 Military Deaths, 153,452 Wounded, 7,140 POWs, and 1,947 MIAs.*
The Vietnam War was a military war between North Vietnam and South Vietnam, including combatants and allies from the USA, Russia, and China. Under Vietnamization,
U.S. forces withdrew as South Vietnamese troops were trained and armed, and a peace treaty was signed by all parties in January 1973. Fighting continued until April 1975.
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Office of The War Department
Vietnam War Leaflets: Choi-Hoi (front)
Vietnam War Leaflets: Choi-Hoi (back)
Vietnam War Leaflets: Choi-Hoi.
Vietnam War Film Poster: The Green Berets. John Wayne.
Vietnam War Film Poster: Apocalypse Now.
Vietnam War Film Poster: Hamburger Hill. War at its Worst. men at their Best. Don Cheadle, Dylan McDermoti.
Vietnam War Film Poster: The Deer Hunter. Robert Deniro.
Vietnam War Poster: A South Viet-Nam soldier prepares to bury his infant son, slain by the Viet Cong. Liberation or Conquest? The Struggle in South Vietnam.
Vietnam War Film Poster: The Boys In Company C. To Keep their sanity in an Insane War, They had to be Crazy.
Vietnam War Film Poster: Good Morning Vietnam. Robin Williams.
Vietnam War Film Poster: First Blood. Stallone. This time he is fighting for his life.
Vietnam War Film Poster: Full Metal Jacket. In Vietnam the Wind doesnt blow, it Sucks. Born To Kill.
Vietnam War Film Poster: Rambo. Stallone.
Vietnam War Film Poster: Platoon.
Vietnam War Film Poster: Raise The Bamboo Curtain. Viet Nam, Cambodia and Burma.
Vietnam War Film Poster: The Killing Fields.
Vietnam War Magazine Poster: TIme, South Vietn Nams Premier Ky.
Vietnam War TV Poster: Vietnam, The Ten Thousand Day War. The real story behind the longest, most controversial war in modern history. Narrated by Richard Basehart.
Vietnam War Leaflet: Viet Cong Beware! There is nowhere to run...nowhere to hide! The tanks and armored vehicles of the Blackhorse Regiment will find and destroy you! It is too late to fight. Beware Viet Cong, we are everywhere! Rally now under the Chiou Hoi Program...
Vietnam War Film Poster: TET 1968.
Vietnam War Film Poster: Air War Vietnam. Battle of Khe Sanh. United States Air Force in Vietnam. Screaming Eagles in Vietnam.
Vietnam War Leaflet: Viet Nam Cong Hoa. Giay Thong-Hanh.
The Monster: Nixonstein?
Responsive Field Artillery has been the mainstay of the Vietnam Pacification effort. The determining factor is the confidence of the population that Fire Support can be obtained any time, day or night, good weather or bad. LT General A.S. Collins, Jr.
U.S. Officers and Men! The high ideals of progressive, democratic Americans are: -- Refusing to commit repression, terroization, massacre, destruction, violation ... -- Demanding that the U. S. government must end its dirty aggressive war and immedintery withdraw all American and stellite troops and arms from South Vietnam ! -- Sympathizing with and supporting the just struggle of the South Vietnames people against U.S. imperialist aggressors for independence, peace, freedom and the right to be a self-governing People. Up men and try struggle for yourselves as your compatriots have done for your repatriation ! Hearty welcome to genuine Americans who, for the sake of democracy and freedom ideals oppose the U.S. government's dirty war of aggression in South Vietnam. The Quang--Da Province National Front for Liberation
Special Editon: Robin Williams, Good Morning Vietnam! Combat Surgeon in Vietnam. Andrew Lovy, D.O. Tom Hanks: Forrest Gump!
Stallone: Rambo III
Professional Warfare Leaflets of the Vietnam War. A pictorial Collection of Propaganda Leaflets of the Vietnam War, by Jerold W. Berry
USA Arty Poster
Research Historical War Posters
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