National POW/MIA
Recognition Day Poster
September 15, 2000

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The 2000 POW/MIA Recognition Day Poster

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    The somber black tones of the poster symbolize the darkness in our lives from those taken from us ... those who are missing.

    The black background with white border brings to mind the stark black POW/MIA flag.

    In the upper left-hand corner is the missing American.

    This is our loved one, our son, our father, our brother.

    He is not with us. He is missing.

    He is always with us.

    The telegram symbolizes the link to the families of our missing ... those who have for so long ... sought answers.

    The jet aircraft are flying the traditional "missing man" formation.

    Their comrade is not with them.

    They know that someday, they will all be able to say "three's in".

    And the serviceman in the foreground symbolizes the soldier, sailor, airman or Marine who wears the military uniform today.

    Our commitment to them is firm. Our nation's obligation to them is steadfast.

    We will never forget their service, nor their sacrifice.

    And "LEST WE FORGET" is simply a reminder to all who love America, that our loved ones will always be with us... our commitment to them will never be forgotten!
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