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Estimated 54,229 Military Deaths, 103,248 Wounded, 7,140 POWs, and 8,177 MIAs.*
The Korean War was a military war between North Korea and South Korea, including combatants from the United Nations, USA, and China.
A United Nation's Korean armistice (cease-fire) was established on July 27, 1953. The War was never officially ended.
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Office of The War Department
Office of The War Department

Korean War Film: The Steel Helmet. A film by Samuel Fuller.
Korean War poster: This Fight is Yours!

Korean War poster: Safe Conduct Pass. Soldiers of The United Nations Forces: This certificate guarantees good treatment to any enemy soldier desiring to cease fighting. Take this man to your nearest officer and treat him as an honorable prisoner of war. Matthew Rigway, Lt.Gen, Commander-in-Chief.
Korean War poster: The Korean War map.
Korean War poster: The Korean War, fields of battle.
Korean War poster: Film - Inchon!
Korean War poster: Be Trained, Be a Marine! (Atomic Bomb exploding in background)
Korean War poster: VFW Magazine. Give Now! We Need Your Blood.
Korean War poster: Film - Fixed Bayonets. Bayonets All-Steel...Hearts All-American...Their story All Glory!

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