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Estimated 625,000 USA & CSA Military Deaths, and 455,175 Wounded, 426,000 POWs.*
The American Civil War, also known as the War Between the States.
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Office of The War Department
U.S. Civil War posters: Jack Tars, Ahoy!! Let us Open the Potomac!
U.S. Civil War posters: Recruits Wanted! Wanted Immediately. 250 Sailors to Recruit for the Virginia Coast Guard, now stationed at Fortress Monroe.
U.S. Civil War posters: Manhattan Rifles! The Colonel of the Regiment is a United States Officer. Musicians Wanted for The Band.
U.S. Civil War posters: Jack Tars, Ahoy!! Wanted Immediately for Co. I, 5th Regiment. 50 Able-Bodied Seamen.
U.S. Civil War posters: 30,000 Volunteers Wanted. State Bounty.
U.S. Civil War posters: Another Chance 400 Dollars Bounty. To Avoid The Draft, Enlist in the 7th IND. Cavalry.
U.S. Civil War posters: 300 Dollars Bounty. 200 Dollars Cash Advance before leaving the city. Saddlers, Horse Shoers and Buglers, wated. Come On Brave Boys! Now is the time to avoid the Draft, and secure a small fortune by enlisting.
U.S. Civil War posters: Attention! Lancers. The Union Forever.  Recruits Wanted! For the Lancer Cavalry Regiment, under Hon. A. Rankin, M.P., Col.
U.S. Civil War posters: Blankets Needed. A Patriotic Appeal to furnish Blankets. As it is impossible for the United States to supply Blankets to the Ringgold appeal is made to patriotic citizens of Hecks County.
U.S. Civil War posters: Introducing Lincoln's Own 10th Illinois Volunteer Band, Cavalry Regiment of Springfield, Illinois. Inaugural Conert, University of Illinois at Springfield Studio Theater. Tickets $5.00.
U.S. Civil War posters: The Blessings of Victory. Victory...Peace. Union Forever!
U.S. Civil War posters: 100 Good Men Wanted. No Boys Need Apply. For Col. March's Regiment, 4th Pennsylvania Reserve. Lieut. G.W. Bussier, Recruiting Officer.
U.S. Civil War posters: To Colored Men! Freedom, Protection, Pay, and a Call to Military Duty! Letter of Charles Sumner.
U.S. Civil War posters: The Constitution Must Be Maintained! Latest News from Washington! The Rebels Swarming on the Potomac! The Union must and shall be Preserved. A Bounty of Fifteen Dollars! upon being mustered into service. C. Sydney Smith, Recruiting Officer.
U.S. Civil War posters: (Photos) Abraham Lincoln - Hannibal Hamlin. Free Speech. Protection to the American Industry.
U.S. Civil War posters: Photo Portrait of President Abraham Lincoln.
U.S. Civil War posters: $30,000 Reward. Description of John Wilkes Booth! Who Assassinated the President on the Evening of April 14th, 1965. L.C. Baker, Colonel and Agent War Department.
U.S. Civil War posters: Men of Color, To Arms! To Arms! Now of Never. Three Years' Service! Battles of Liberty and the Union. Fail Now, and Our Race is Doomed. Silence the Tongue of calumny. Valor and Heroism. Fort Hudson and Milliken's Bend. Are Freemen Less Brave than Slaves. Our Last Opportunity has come. Men of Color, Brothers and Fathers! We Appeal To You! Strike Now!
U.S. Civil War posters: War Department, Washington, April 20, 1865, $100,000 Reward! The Murderer of our late beloved President, Abraham Lincoln, Is Still At Large. $50,000 Reward will be paid by this Department for his apprehension, in addition to any reward offered by Municipal Authorities or State Executives.
U.S. Civil War posters: To Arms! To Arms, Ye Brave! The Clerks of the Chicago Post Office have contributed a Large Fund to Raise A Company For the War. $100 of this amount will be paid in cash on mustering in to the company. $2.00 per Month Additional Pay. Clifford Stickney, Recruiting Officer.
U.S. Civil War posters: Soldiers Wanted. Freemen of Indianan! We are in Danger! The War rapidly approaches our homes! The Rebel Army...
U.S. Civil War posters: When Johnny Comes Marching Home. F.C. Whitney presents The Comic Opera. Kate My Southern Rose.

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