8th Air/Security Police Squadron (PACAF)
Sapper Attack!
January 13, 1970
By Ed Mann
© 2003


I read about the Sapper Attack discussion of sapper attacks on Ubon RTAFB, Thailand, in January 1970. A little lagniappe, courtesy of Det 3, 600th Photo Sq., shows one of the NVA sappers that came on base in January 1970, apparently headed straight for the Gunships. The aircraft in the background is a Blind Bat C-130A Flare Ship. The photo is dated 14 Jan 70.

The guy in civilian clothes on the left is, I think, an OSI agent, and the two guys in cammies are Cops. Note that the sapper is in stocking feet, presumably for quiet. I was working Day Shift in the AC-130 prop/engine shop, which was located in a corner of the building which housed the AC-130 gun shop. We got recalled to work from the barracks when the horn went off, and when we got there, the gun shot guys had a mini-gun with a hand crank attached and rounds loaded aimed out the end of the building toward the flight line. It's a minor miracle that no one was cut in half by accident.

Below are the two photos of the KIA NVA Sapper, so if you are a little squeamish, you might move on to another story.

Stories & Photos

The following Photos of the January 13, 1970 attack against American forces stationed at Ubon Air Base,
during the Vietnam War, are graphic and gory. The enemy chose to attack and tried to kill American
fighting men and destroy U.S. aircraft--and failed.

We Lived. They Died.

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The enemy failed because of the swift response of the 8th Security Police Squadron.


8th Security Police Squadron, Ubon Air Base, safeguarded and defended the base, which was probed and attacked in force by NVA and VC soldiers.

Photos are of the Ubon Base attack on January 13, 1970.

Left, Airman David Hart, Right, A1C Waren.



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Don Thanks so much for the help in getting me into the site, imagine the suprize when I saw myself in pictures from MANN, 13 Jan 70, Ubon RTAFB, I am the one with then a mustache and my M60 gunner, A1C Warren, our Thia guard was (Moon) it was longer than that but thats what we called him, this was the first night I worked with him, Warren and I had been together many times, that was Bravo Sector and they crossed the runway from Echo Sector after going under the fence line near the base of a tower on the perimeter.losing the first three members of their team over in Echo Sector.  My jeep quit on me and for the rest of the night we had to sit out there not knowing if there were any more alive or not, too close to the aircraft to put motor flares in.and we quickly ran out of slap flares, I still have about 30 of the pictures from this attack which I intend to bring to Las Vegas.

David Hart,
8th SPS, Ubon RTAFB

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