January 13, 1970 Sapper Attack

8th Security Police Squadron!
Cobra Lights The Way!
By Ron C. Buzbee Sr.
408 MMS Ubon 1969-1970
474 MMS Takhli(TDY), Laos 1972
"Cobra Lights The Way"

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Kelly Bateman's story, NVA / Target Ubon, of the January 13, 1970 attack against Ubon RTAFB really tells the tale! Below are some of my photos of sights of that day men who were there will remember seeing ... and perhaps would rather forget. Photos are of the dead sappers that attacked Ubon 13 Jan 70. If these are too graphic, let me know. I hope you will be able to use them all on your site, as maybe it will help to tell how gruesome war really is. The one with the hair and teeth is about the worst one. His eyes, teeth, and hair were blown on to concertina wire when he was blown apart by his own satchel charges and a USAF grenade. I do have more of this particular person, if you know what I mean. There are also photos of a sapper near the air conditioning units. He got closer to the AC than anyone of them during the attack. There are approximately 20 pics and the quality is not the best, as I took them off of slides to put them in my computer database. You may already have some, I don't know. I was there the next morning.

I know I was never an SP but I hope this will help with your WebSite and help us remember, and show others, what war is really all about. Nothing is glittery about war. Thanks for allowing me to share these as I have had these for all these years and have wanted to share them with my brothers ... as all of you are too. I have some B&W pics I will send later, and will keep in contact through the TLC Brotherhood.

408 MMS Ubon 69-70
474 MMS Takhli(tdy)Laos 72
"Cobra Lights The Way"
Member, TLC Brotherhood

Stories & Photos

The following Photos of the January 13, 1970 attack against American forces
stationed at Ubon Air Base, during the Vietnam War, are graphic and gory.
The enemy chose to attack and tried to kill American fighting men and destroy U.S. aircraft--and failed.

We Lived. They Died.


8th Security Police Squadron, Ubon Air Base, safeguarded
and defended the base, which was probed and attacked in force
by NVA and VC soldiers.
The enemy failed because the 8th Security Police were more than
a match for them.

The following photos are of the full scale attack on January 13, 1970.


8th SPS K-9 Sentry Dog King, was killed during the attack .

KIA Sapper 1. Near the Runway.

KIA Sapper 2. Near the Runway.

KIA Sapper 3: The pic I'm sending is an 8th Security policeman
(I think, an Officer) squatting in a field beside a dead VC.

KIA Sapper 4. In the field.

KIA Sapper 5. In the Field.

KIA Sapper 6 photos follow: This is the leg referred to
in the story of the attack. Not much left, huh?


Sapper 7: Nasty heel wound.

Sapper 8: Concertina Wire: Hair, Eyeballs, and Teeth. His satchel charge detonated along with a US grenade.

Two of the weapons the NVA/VC used, and a pair of wire cutters.

Sapper 9 photos follow: This is a distant shot of the sapper by the power unit where he
was killed. The sapper was surprised, and so was our guy, but he lost (thank God). I don't
remember what was in the bag beside him. In fact, I don't remember the bag.

I have several pictures mostly of Ubon Air Base. I need to get them done and
send them in or I'm afraid I will lose more of them than I already have.

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