Floyd Peter Skaggs, CPL, USA

Floyd Peter Skaggs, CPL,
US Army

by: Michelle R. (Warner) Rapp
© 1996

I would like to request that a rose be placed next to the name of Floyd Peter Skaggs. My memories of Floyd were very sweet ones as we got to know each other during 1959 and early 1960. After that I was never to see him again. I have in front of me a newspaper clipping I've kept in my bible all these years. It is from the Dayton Daily News, dated Wednesday, May 8, 1968, and reads:

GI's Mother Receives Son's Medals

The Silver Star, Army Commendation medal and Purple Heart were awarded Posthumously Tuesday to Pfc. Floyd P. Skaggs, a Springfield soldier who was wounded fatally in combat operations with the 101st Airborne division in Vietnam Jan.2.

The medals were presented to his mother, Mrs. Christine Skaggs of 32 1/2 W. Main St. Springfield, by Brig. Gen. Glen J. McClernon, commander of Defense Electronics Supply center.

A Platoon medic, Pfc. Skaggs received the Silver Star for gallantry under fire for administering first aid to men wounded in a Viet Cong ambush.

"Throughout the engagement," the citation said, "he moved from man to man, exposing himself to enemy fire."

The superiority of the enemy forced the private's platoon to withdraw a short distance, but the Springfield soldier chose to remain with the wounded. Shortly thereafer, he was struck by the continuing enemy fire, but was able to help two members of his platoon survive their wounds.

I have scanned the photo of Floyd that they have in this article and am attaching it with this email. Would it be possible to post it for anyone who may have know Floyd?

My Father and several other of my friends did their tours of duty in Vietnam, Floyd is the only one close to me who did not make it back. Thank you so very much to all of our brave men and women who have gone to fight for freedom.

Official Information:
CPL - Army - Regular
101st Airborne Brigade
19 year old Single, Caucasian, Male
Born on Sep 20, 1948
Length of service 1 year.
His tour of duty began on Oct 03, 1967
Casualty was on Jan 02, 1968
Body was recovered
Panel 33E - - Line 23

Floyd Peter Skaggs, CPL, USA


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