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Palumbo Anthony Paul  SP4  E4 Army  BUFFALO NY  59E 010

By: Chuck "Doc" Stewart
© 1997


I remember Tony. The above picture was taken from my Basic Training yearbook with Tony as a Private. I went through basic with Tony and a nicer guy you could never meet. Tony was a leader and quickly became our squad leader. I can remember one weekend his parents flew down from Buffalo, NY and brought homemade fried chicken for the whole platoon. We were good friends during basic training but lost touch as we went on to different types of training afterwards. I spilled many a tear in my beer while I was still in Vietnam and I read in the Stars and Stripes that Tony had been killed.

Tony's stats are as follows:

Selective Service Service# 51774776
MOS : 11C20
20 Year old, Born on 12/6/47, Single, Caucasian Male
Religion: Roman Catholic

Death was from hostile causes on land, multiple fragmentation wounds.
Tony's body was recovered from Gia Dihn, South VietNam,
Casualty on 5/12/68.
His tour of duty in Vietnam began 9/6/67. Logo
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