25th Div Patch25th Div PatchFrancis William Harter;
Randall Lee Ellis; and
Ronald J. Di Bartolomeo

By: Randy Kethcart
© 1997


25th Div Crest25th Div CrestI in served in Vietnam with the 1/5th in 1970. I was in Co. B 2nd Plt. I would like to share two photos with you of some special friends. It is a way to keep their memories alive.

Francis William Harter

      The first picture is of Francis William Harter (November 9, 1970). This picture is so very special because it was taken 3 hours before his death. He is the red head petting the puppy. He was a great guy and a great loss.


Randall Lee Ellis

      The second picture is of Randall Lee Ellis killed the same date in the same ambush another great loss. He is standing in the back row, left.
      Also killed in the ambush was Ronald J. Di Bartolomeo. He lived 2 days after the ambush and died on Nov. 11, 1970. Unfortunately I don't have a picture of Ron.

      November 9th 1970 was and has been the worst day of my life.

Thank you Randy Kethcart

Keeping Their Memories Alive

DI BARTOLOMEO    RONALD J                   SGT E4 A 19481126 19701111  VOLANT PA    - 06W 052
ELLIS                              RANDALL LEE            SGT E5 A 19491201 19701109  JUSTICE WV   - 06W 047
HARTER                         FRANCIS WILLIAM  SGT E4 A 19490730 19701109  LA PORTE IN  - 06W 048


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