Vietnam, Bob Hope Show, 1966
Baton twirler Bob Hope:1966

Qui Nhon, 1966 - Blonde Baton !
by: by: Gene Kuentzler, WS LM-10
© 1995 Gene Kuentzler


Baton twirler: Diane Shelton Reading your story about "Bob Hope show, Đà Nẵng 1965", brought back memories of the 1966 Bob Hope around November or December 1966. Our unit, 19th Combat Engineer Battalion, announced that anyone who was off duty could attend the Bob Hope show in Qui Nhon.

There were deuce and half's 3/4 tons & jeeps from the 19th heading towards Qui Nhon full of 19thBaton twirler: Diane Shelton and Gene Kuentzler Engineers. It was so crowded by the time we arrived we ended up off to the sideline of the stage, which was roped off with MP's guarding the rope line. One of the performers, a blonde baton twirler in a blue bathing suit, walked from the stage and strolled along the roped perimeter, pausing every 20 feet or so to pose a moment so guys could take some photos. Then she'd stroll a little further. When she stopped where we were she reached across the rope and grabbed my arm and pulled me across the barrier. Spotting this movement, the MP's reacted, until they noticed it was her pulling my arm rather than some GI acting weird, so they backed off. My 19th buddies were hooting, hollering & wolf whistling the whole time. It was not Joey Heatherton, nor Ann Margaret, after 30 plus years I can not recall her name. If anyone remembers who she is, please let me know.

Hello David Hicks,

I just visited Don Poss's website. Imagine my surprise when I saw your note (below), on the bulletin board.

Blonde baton twirler -- David Hicks, 01:51:00 10/04/01 Thu
A few weeks ago, in reply to your query on your opening page to this site, I posted a message that the blonde baton twirler in the photograph is Diane Shelton. This young woman can be seen on the Bob Hope in Vietnam Christmas 1966 video. It was originally telecast early in 1967.

In reference to the story posted, I am Gene Kuentzler, the G.I. in the photo with the blonde from the Bob Hope Show, Qui Nhon 1966. Where can I get a copy of the Bob Hope in Vietnam Christmas 1966 video you mentioned ?. Thanks very much for letting us know her name is, Diane Shelton.

Gene Kuentzler, 66-67
S-3 Battalion Operations
19th Combat Engineer Battalion
Qui Nhon, Bong Son, Tam Quan



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