Welcome Home ...

(� 1997) by: Frank Pilson

Welcome Home

Vietnam . . .                              

                   ... years in the past

but still in the present,
you were the best of times
you were the worst of times
and we left behind several
unintended gifts and bombs
through you I reexamined my
need [uh desire] for one significant
other to share my life-space with.

You commanded in me an unwilling
reevaluation of self, behavior patterns,
relationships and corresponding
change in my attitudes; ie growth.

I'm nicer to people . . .                              
... I'm more in touch with my feelings,
                     the things and persons around me ... life.

We came back, we survived, we owe it,
to those 58,229 who died,
We must live our lives for them and us.
I came home                               
           which was purgatory
I lost                              
           which was hell
and I survived        

Autumn's Wall, photo © Copyright 1996, by Don Poss

Welcome Home


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