Warrior's Threat of Death

a quick and quiet blow ...

by, Patrick Camunes,
© Copyright 2000


A Warrior's Threat of Death

I ask of those that have never faced death
To imagine the whine or deafness of its deadly path,
Paving an avenue so close to one's body at times
While finding it's course encountering it's deadly destination at others.

Cries of hurt, anguish and hate are screamed across this battlefield,
Yet, the cry of the eternally destined is the cry most feared.
The fear of death is beyond us and we toy with it
As we stand without fear and face it without flinching.

The deafening sounds of battle surround us, empowering us
To do what we have been trained to do,
Take the life of those that seek to take ours
And to celebrate both the taking and saving of life.

Blood ... the life-force of our bodies, as well as our enemy's,
So freely flows during this short encounter.
It is though our minds are instilled with this memory
While those not involved will never endure the remembrance.

The souls of many are instantly taken to their eternal destination
While the wounded souls of others, pray for their destiny.
Death takes many with a quick and quiet blow
While others suffer the wait that Death endures upon them.

Death is a part of life, yet those that oppose it in battle
Are the ones to be called heroes.
But there is no hero amongst Death
Only the assurance that Death will become an everlasting life . . .
Whether in battle or its aftermath.

Patrick (Beanie)Camunes
© Copyright 2000


"Sunset" Photo © Copyright 1972, 1998, by Robert Jordan

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