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For you and for me, for right or for wrong, these young warriors faced it all
For God and country, for what they loved, these are the heroes who answered the call.

We signed them up and sent them out and by thousands they did fall
Always believing, without time for grieving, these young men answered the call

Though friends they lost, in many a fight, they moved up one and all
For they were there, both heart and soul, for they had answered the call

As one fight ends and you look all around
You see your best friend, still on the ground

You hold your friend and yell at the sky
Why did he die God, tell me why

Why was it him, why not another
He died for you, he saved his brother           

Through dark of night, the heat of day, the hills and valleys wide
These men of honor fought for you and did so with great pride

They fought a war they did not start, they fought, they bled, they died
And when they came home, to the country they loved, they were simply pushed aside

There were no welcomes, nor smiles or cheers
Only anger and silence that lasted for years

And through these years, as night time came, when they began to sleep
The pain and fear return again, into dreams does the reaper creep

The flashes, screams and sounds of death soon fill their minds with dread
The horror has returned again, as they see their friends all dead

They wake up screaming, crying and shaking
Reliving the pain, their hearts are breaking

They have no answers, no one to call
And finally they hear of this thing called THE WALL

They approach the granite, legs not working well
Afraid of the memories, the memories of hell

A shaking hand reaches, touching THE WALL
The memories burst forth and the tears start to fall

As the tears flow freely and continue to fall
They know they were warriors, they answered the call

Slowly they stand, beginning to feel
That maybe today they have started to heal