Dont Mean Nothin Composite Photo: (c) Copyright by Larry Poss, 2001In Memory of
LCPL John Alan Abrams
Lance Corporal, United States Marine Corps
Centralia, Illinois
February 20, 1946 to January 9, 1967

by: Donna

© Copyright 1997


The Death of Combat

In the death of combat the
only light to be seen is that
of the glistening moon, and
the silences of all life in the
night are almost deafening.
As the chill of ones soul cools
the hot night, the feel of hell's
eternity covers one with the fear
of blackness and loneliness, and
the cries and screams make no sound
to those in the night of deaths life.
As life ends the death, the touch
of an unknown to carry back, and
awake to life in a different light,
but not to be forgotten.

Robert "Cody" Griffith
© Copyright 04/18/00

The author was Wounded Aug. 17, 1967 in the Quang Tin provence of Vitnam with
B.Co -1st.Blt - 3rd Mar - 3rdMarDiv

John Alan Abrams
Vietnam Veterans Memorial, panel 13E line 129

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