James R. Gilmore, Jr. 1LT ...
by: GReady
© Copyright 1997


A young pilot that I was very much in love with died in Vietnam. I would like to leave a poem I wrote when he was killed when his plane was shot down on 6/2/69. I knew so many wonderful young men who went over there. My heart broke for them all. If the poem is too long, please put a rose beside his name. Thank you. GReady

James R. Gilmore, Jr. 1LT
There was a war in the year 1969
The year my heart was so alive
There was a war in the year 1969
That is the year in which my love died.

For God and his Country he died over there
Why, oh why, and who does care?
Everyone says they are so sorry,
But the next day no one remembers but me.

Please Mr. President, can't you see
All the men that are dying to make history?
And when this is all over and done,
Whose to mend the broken hearts
... what have we won          
          ... what have we lost?

1LT  O2  USAF  19450408  19690602  COLUMBIA  SC  23W044

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