Remembrance ...

by: Patrick Cosper
© Copyright 2004



Guns thunder, shrapnel shards pierce the air,
Lives are shattered, filled beyond imaginable despair,
Men scramble for cover any and everywhere,
Glazed eyes scan outward the "thousand yard stare,"

Fear creeps inward, longing for the "World",
Where hippies cries of "End the War" are hurled,

"Incoming" shatters quiet, where the brave are curled,
In that distant place where "Old Glory" was unfurled,

Souls are searched, looking for mortal relief,
Telling God, "Please save me, I'll enrich my belief",
If they must die for country and placed somewhere beneath,
Then send their souls to heaven and the rest to the bequeathed,

The sounds of war have lifted, the years have now come to past,
Soldiers still train to fight if peace is not to last,
Pray that the die for war is not forever cast,
That our children shall not know the sound of bullets, bombs,
and blasts,

I found a wall with lists of friends who by fate did die,
It brings back memories, sad and happy that make men want to cry,
The sky is now blue and safe as I breathe a heartfelt sigh,
Knowing my fellow comrades are seated next to Jesus, perched on high,

Semper Fi/ Anchors Away

Patrick Cosper,
Navy Hospital Corpsman
Charlie Company
1st Battalion 5th Marines
1st Marine Division
1969-1970 Logo
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