and Monsoon Showers

by: Patrick Camunes
© Copyright, 1997



Drying, caking, sucking, oozing
Home to blood sucking creatures.
Absorber of our blood
And useless as cover.

Filling never ending rice paddies
And perfect for ambush.
Helping Death accomplish it's task
By slowing down your retreat or drowning in it's cover.

Sucked up to your knees in it
Boot eyelet's oozing of it.
Bloused fatigues filled to the bream
And drying to sandpaper hardness.

Sandbags? .... Mudbags?
Flowing freely through your bunker.
Sucking any sign of lubrication
From our equipment and weapons.

Dirty, smelly, filled with excretement
Finding any open wound.
In your mouth, up your nose
Nothing is left private.

Mud, mud, everywhere
When will it end?
This land of never-ending Mud ....


APVNV Pat(Beanie)Camunes
D/4/31 196th Lt Inf Bde
Tay Ninh 12/66-4/67; Tam Ky 4/67-12/67 Logo
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