Dog Soldiers ...
by, Paul Cameron,
1st Inf Div
War-Stories LM 33
© Copyright 2000

A poem I wrote about the K-9 warriors in Vietnam. I was not a dog handler, but met several while in Vietnam (1969-1970). 1st Inf Div had a K-9 unit at Di An base camp where I was stationed for part of my tour. Anyway, after seeing the dog handler sculpture on your site, I was inspired to write this short poem.

Dog Soldiers

Trained to fight in Nam
Alongside the infantryman
Four legs and a wagging tail
Devoted to serve and not fail
Dog handlers by their side
Closest friends on this ride
On a chopper in the sky
Hitching rides on boats nearby
Dogs or soldiers just the same
In a war so full of shame
Going home to try and forget
What war has done to these pets

- Paul Cameron -
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