The Devil's Prostitute

Copyright (1999) by APVNV Pat (Beanie) Camunes
D/4/31 196 Lt Inf Bde
TayNinh 12/66-04/67 -  TamKy 04/67-12/67


The Devil’s Prostitute

Was there a time
When the Devil called?

And so many of us immortals
Were waiting to answer?

Eager ... to do his bidding,
Without souls to be torn apart.

Hastened without remorse
And yearning to satisfy his hunger.

Death? ... Is that real?
No ... just the enemy.

Kill, kill, kill he shouted!
And more and more, we filled his belly.

Never content to his meals
So we kept the killing going.

His hunger as ravenous
As his never satisfied thirst for blood.

The Devil’s head reared in triumph
And his voice shook the valley’s depths.

Kill, kill, kill ... I am your pimp
And you are my prostitutes.

As we held our ears and tried so hard
To leave the valley’s hold.

The echo of the Devil’s voice continues,
You shall never leave,

"FOREVER, you will be the DEVIL’S WHORE!"

APVNV Pat(Beanie)Camunes
D/4/31 196th Lt Inf Bde
Tay Ninh, 12/‘66- 04/’67 Tam Ky, ‘04/’67-12/’67