by Peter Moore
© Copyright 1995

Dakota Lovely lady Dakota
Floating over downtown high rises

Low-down early risers
Lost in the lonely canyons of the city

I lift up my heart and my head
Again I see the sky where I tread
Footprints invisible
Memories indelible

What am I doing, walking 'round on the ground?

I should be
Vaulting cloud towers

Fighting wind-shear

Doing lovely, smooth squeakers,
coming to earth on the main-gear

Greeting sunshine out of foggy days
and moonlight on calm nights

Cruising the fields and forests
the home of my boyhood

Suspended over hazy blue oceans

Shooting approaches to minimums
with rain on the windshield

I should do justice to my brothers,
the ones who first ventured
not mope around all day on the ground
like a hawk minus feathers,
lost and demented.

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