Sapper Attack!
February 22, 1969
Phu Cat Air Base
37th Security Police Squadron
By: Joseph Barbarise
© 2001

Joseph Barbarise, Christmas 1969 at Phu Cat


Joesph Barbarise (back to camera) flipping a Karate Instructor
from the Republic of Korea (ROK), 1st Tiger Division, attached
to Phu Cat AB. I don't remember his name.


Joe Barbarise, eating grass. Same ROK Instructor,
one minute later, apparantly lacking a sense of humor.


RF-4C, 12th TRS/460th TRW, landing at Phu Cat, 1969.


F-4 parking hangers, Phu Cat AB, 1969.


M-60 Gun Tower overlooking K-9 Posts.
The Hill, in the background, had a hilltop observation post manned by SP's.


K-9 handler Vince DeGuilio (dog King, out of sight) looks into
a Viet Cong tunnel found on post.

Phu Cat AB was attacked several times in 1969, by Stand Off rockets & mortars, and by Sappers. The sapper attack of February 22, 1969 was defeated and failed to damage or destroy any US or RVN Aircraft. Here are two photos, taken the morning after a sapper attack, of captured VC weapons:

The Morning After a VC Sapper Attack, 1969
Captured VC Arms


Joseph Barbarise, 37th SPS, K-9 (Prince, #88MO), Phu Cat, 1969-70: I am looking for anyone who was there in my unit,or any unit, interested in exchanging info. I have over 125 photos I will be happy to share. My regards to all who read this and choose, for their own personal reason, not to respond.

Back to Back Forever,


Below Photo was submitted annomously

Official Records: On 02-22-1969, at 2135 hours, Phu Cat AB, defended by the 37th SPS, was attacked by VC/NVA Sappers.

Combat action:
One (1) USAF WIA,
(4) VC/NVA KIA, and (1) POW.

Killed In Action: Four (4) Viet Cong



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