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Old Dawgs and Pups” program

About the “Old Dawgs and Pups” program

“Old Dawgs and Pups” was created by a group of Vietnam War Veteran military K-9 working dog handlers in 2005. Its purpose is to support the morale and provide equipment needs of today’s military dog handlers in lonely, inhospitable places around the world. Supporting the handlers and their K-9 buddies is our mission. Veterans know from experience that a little moral support from home can make or break a person’s ability to physically and emotionally survive in a hostile environment far from home. We also know from experience that Uncle Sam does not always provide vital equipment and supplies where and when they’re needed most.

The Old Dawgs & Pups program arranges “adoptions” of dog handlers in war zones by veterans and “Friends of K-9” for what used to be called “pen-pal” relationships. We exchange personal news, old war stories, photos and conversation with active-duty troops through the modern convenience of email. We also send some of the little comforts of home that they’re not able to get while they’re deployed to remote areas. We’ve sent K-9 equipment specific to individual dog’s unique needs, trinkets, snacks, clothing, Arby’s Sauce packets, paperback books … you name it. It’s mostly the thought that counts.

We also obtain and ship handlers items they need for their work and their dogs. We’ve sent hoses and hose reels, kennel cleaning supplies and tools, portable water and food bowls, cool-vests and booties and “doggles” for the dogs, grooming tools, K-9 diet supplements, training aids, even made-in-USA soft toilet paper for our first group of handlers in Kyrgyzstan. Our major corporate sponsor has been the Leatherman Tool Group, of Portland, Ore., which has donated thousands of dollars worth of tools, knives and flashlights, and made it possible for us to purchase more at discounted prices. As of November 2009, through the generous donations of individuals, Leatherman, and a company called Helping Udders we’ve sent dog teams all over the world more than 1,000 items of equipment worth over $42,000.

Old Dawgs and Pups is currently supporting Military Working dogs and K-9 troops in the nations of
Iraq, Afghanistan, Kyrgyzstan, Kuwait, Qatar, United Arab Emirates (UAE), South Korea, and other nations,
at the following Forward Observation Bases, Camps, Airfields and Air Bases, and Joint Bases: FOB Delta, Iraq; FOB Falcon, Iraq; FOB Warrior, Iraq; Camp Cropper, Baghdad, Iraq; Camp Tallil, Iraq; Joint Base Balad, Iraq; Joint Security Station (JSS) Attack, Iraq; Kirkum, Iraq; Bagram Airfield, Afghanistan;
Manas Air Base, Kyrgyzstan; Ali Al Salem Air Base, Kuwait; Al Udeid Air Base, Qatar; and Al Dhafra Air Base, United Arab Emirates (UAE).

NOTE: At the present time donations are not tax-deductible.

All USA Military Services: If your Military Working Dog has served in support of US Dog Teams in Iraq or
Afghanistan, Scan and email your Military Working Dog(s) Card(s)
to War-Stories.com

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