Hill 950

by: Alan Meyers,
Navy Corpsman
Vietnam, 1966-1969
(© 2006)


War-Stories.comPHOTO: Picture of me looking like Mr. Cool, was on Hill 950. Two days later we were overrun, and had many casualties.

My name is Alan Meyers. Between 1966 & 1969 I was known as "Doc Al." I was a United States Navy Corpsman and trained (in only 4 weeks, LOL) as a Field Medical Technician to serve with the a Company of Marines, in Vietnam.

Our mission was search, capture, kill and destroy the NVA influence around the most northern borders of Vietnam. It was designated as "I" Corp, which happens to be where the highest concentration of Agent Orange was sprayed. I was lucky I have only developed Diabetes, thus far.

My job was to attend to the wounded as it happened. I was very good at what I did. I have saved many young lives. The average age of a Vietnam Marine was 19, I was 21.

At times I was a friend and even a Chaplin. At the present time I am suffering from my memories of the land that is so far, the land they call Vietnam. In addition to the Service connected Diabetes and PTSD, I also have Tinnitus, peripheral neurapthy, and a rare bone disorder "Ankolosing Spondylits," of which many Veterans have won appeals on. I can't prove it. There are only two ways you can develop the disorder, from a gene that is inherited (no one in my family ever had it) or infection.  I had severe "jungle rot" and treated it my self (there was no Doctor) with Pen VK , of which I carried in my medical bag for such things. However, God has been good to me. I have a good wife, two healthy sons and a roof over my head. My wife went full term with our daughter, that was stillborn, of which I believe was a cause  of Agent Orange.

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