Monsoon Shower...

by: Michael Valadez
1st Cav, by Birth Control 62 "C" Btry, 1/77 1st Cav Div Airmobile
© 1996


I Corps Mountain Firebase, west of Camp Evans - 1968: With the 1st Cav, by Birth Control 62 "C" Btry, 1/77 1st Cav Div Airmobile

We were on a firebase in the mountains just west of Camp Evans in I Corps with the 1st Cav in mid 1968. As you know taking a shower on a firebase is just not a fulfilling experience. Not enough water, not warm enough, etcetera. Well, a typhoon swept thru the area with warm, torrential rains. The wind was blowing so hard that the rain seemed to be blowing sideways. Anyway, suddenly an innovative grunt was seen stark naked on the helipad lathering up and taking a shower in the middle of the monsoon! We all gawked at this crazy grunt, (we were redlegs !). Soon he was joined by another-- then another--and in less than five minutes there must have been 20 guys lathering up in the middle of this warm monsoon rain!

Well, as luck would have it, one poor soul finally decided to try it after watching everybody else, but by the time he got lathered up, the rain stopped! Ha! We all had a good laugh! And some of us had a once in-a-lifetime, monsoon shower.

Michael Valadez

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