Boot boots! ... Now you see them ...

by: David Ramsey (Crash)

boots! - March 1971: Fire base Mace, Long Bien

I was a medic in 70-71 and heard some of Jane Fonda-Ho's broadcasts from Hanoi Radio. I was assigned to the 68th Med Group in III Corp. They farmed me out to 5 different units: 93rd and 24th Evac, 84th Med., 3rd Gen Disp, and 584th Amb. This was when there were a lot of troop pullouts. When they sent a unit home we just got sent someplace else.
      At the Med Bunker on Fire base Mace, on 5Mar71, I was at the 3rd Gen. Disp. located at the 90th Replacement Bn. in Long Bien. This was where all New Guys were sent when they first got in country. On this day, Charley decided to shell us with three 122-mm rockets, during the morning formation. I won't go into the gory details but as I ran across the parade ground to get to the wounded on the other side, the one thing that stuck in my mind was this perfect formation of hats on the ground. That was all that was left when the New Guys ran for cover (pun intended). There were over 100 brand new baseball caps in neat rows!

      The details on the rocket attack were in the New York Times on 6Mar71, if you would like to check it out.

... now you don't!
(P.S. Radio Hanoi rocked!!! Besides, it pissed off the lifers. Peace, Crash)

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