Ready on the Right
Ready on the Left ...

Butter Bar
by Charles (Lee) Helle
C Co 2nd/28th Inf 1st Inf Div
© 1996

Loc Ninh - 1966


4-July 1966 my company (C 2nd/28th Inf) was at Loc Ninh, and for several days we had been having a little R & R, not doing much except securing the local airstrip and squad size night patrols. At this time we had no Plt Ldrs in the company, but then this new 2nd Lt reported in and was assigned as Plt Ldr of the 3rd Plt. Green as grass, fresh out of OCS, and knew everything (thankfully I was in the 2ndPlt).
      The weather at that time was hot and a light rain every night. In front of our dug in positions were a few sheds that were used as storage by the Rubber Plantation. This 2n Lt, not liking the idea of sleeping where he could get wet, decided that this shed in front of his would be a good place to bunk. So he informed the guards where he would be and away he went. Now after dark each Plt sent out a ambush patrol, as always the rest of the company had to shift to make up for the gaps left in the line by three departing patrols. That's right, now there are new guards in front of the Lt, and they don't know any thing about him.
      Well sir, the next morning just before daylight, this Lt wakes up and goes outside to take a leak. Yep a guard spotted him and cut loose a full mag at maybe 30 yards---and missed. Now I wasn't there that night as I had my squad on patrol, and heard the story the next day, but I was there the next night, when the patrols went out and the company again shifted, and it was a squad member of mine who the next morning fired two shots at a figure out front just before daylight. This Lt had pulled the same stunt once again.
      That 2n Lt became the BN Awards and Decorations Officer. And I gave my squad several hours training---shooting from the hip.


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