Having A Party! by Leeh, A Company 2nd/ 2nd Inf (mech.)

Lai Khe
by: Leeh
A Company 2nd/ 2nd Inf (mech.)

Party Time, Lai Khe - As a supply Sergeant for A Company 2nd/ 2nd Inf (mech.), at Lai Khe, one of my jobs was to arrange a unit party whenever my company would get back to Lai Khe for stand down, usually every three to five weeks. This meant a pallet of beer, cokes, a few jugs, and what ever could be scrounged from the mess halls.
      Now in Lai Khe there was and is a Vietnamese village (OFF LIMITS to GRUNTS and Peons) and in this village the French Army had built a swimming pool and Club House (also off limits to Grunts). I approached my CO with the idea that perhaps the next time the company came in for stand down, we could hold a company party at the swimming pool. He thought that this was a great idea and that he would check it out with BN HQ. A few days later he told me that we had Brigade approval for the party, as long as the party would start at NOON the day after the unit next returned, last until 1800 hours, and by 1830 hours all personnel had to be out out of the Village.
      No Problem. Party's on!
      Well a few weeks went by and I got word that the Company would be coming back on such and such day. I touched base with the MPs about the party, laid on enough chow for a Division, plus 2 pallets of beer, one of cokes, and all the booze I could find ration cards for.
      Now we had a young Vietnamese boy who worked in the company area and who was a scoundrel at heart---a very likable sort! And in the Village, like all villages, there was and probably still are, young ladies who for a pittance would offer their company to any lonely soul.
      Discussing the upcoming party with this young man, I had him pass the word in the village that there was a free party and all females under the age of 30 were invited. He was to collect all said females and at 1600 hours he would lead an invasion force into the swimming pool area.
      The day of the party started well, hot and sunny, the food was good and every one was having a good but quite time. It seemed that every officer from Brigade and our Bn was there. Some of them brought nine or ten Donut Dollies, who, as per usual, circulated among the officers.
      I had informed the NCOs as to what was going to take place at 1600 hours, they passed the word to their men not to be bugging out to the village. Well at 1600 hours the music is playing, some of the younger officers were dancing with the Dollies, and the enlisted men were swimming and drinking and really behaving themselves (calm before the storm).
      Then the invasion! The area was overrun in seconds and to this day I can see it all---naked men and women in the pool, in the bushes, on the lawn. Gasps of horror (or envy?) from the Donut Dollies. Within a matter of minutes, every officer and their girls had departed as if the Inspector General was right behind them.
      It was noon the next day before the last man came out of the village, and everyone seemed very rested and laid back. Everyone in the company thought it had been the best dam party ever. But for some reason, word came down there would be no more parties at the swimming pool.

      Never could figure out why.

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