Jocko! ... and Charlie

Jacko the Baboon.
by: Tom Ebrite
19th Combat Engineers
© 1995

Jocko and Charlie: Tom Ebrite, 19th Combat Engineers. In 1967, the 19th Combat Engineers moved further North up QL-1 and past Bong Son. A short time later we were settling into our new location and would bunk-up 1st Cav. troopers who would wander in just before dark.
      One of the 1/9 Cav. troops gav Bill Harberson a pet baboon. Harberson called the baboon "Jocko" and had him for a good while. The Officers at HQ's motor pool had a pet dog named "Charlie" that was constantly barking and yapping at 'ol Jocko. Jocko didn't bother the dog much, but the Charlie just wouldn't leave Jocko alone. The Officers didn't see it that way and ordered Harberson to get rid of Jocko.
      Pet Dog Charlie! Harberson waited until the officers were gone to chow, and called Jocko down off the motor pool tent. The dog was yapping and yapping at Harberson's feet as Jocko sat on his shoulder. Jacko and Charlie. Finally, Harberson had enough of this and threw Jocko on the dog. Jocko had the dog in a head lock and was beating the hell out of him, then he would try to ride him like a horse, then beat the hell out of him again. A small crowd had gathered to see what was going on, when 'ol Jocko got in behind the dog, and as the crowd "cheered," 'ol Jocko tried to plug Charlie right in the 'ol zero.

Jacko the Baboon. Later, Harberson took Jocko out towards the jungle, and turned him loose. Jocko became sort of a legend, and every time I looked at that dog Charlie, I couldn't help but laugh a little. 'Ol Jocko got even! I don't think those two officers ever learned what 'Ol Jocko tried to do to their dog.

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