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© 1995, by Terry McGee
1st Cav, Co.B 1/8th

Coffee Time: 1st Cav (Co.B 1/8th.) in 1967

I was with the 1st Cav (Co.B 1/8th.) in 1967! My first day with the company was something I'll never forget. I hitched a ride on a Huey to join up with the company out in the field. After the normal introductions were over one of the men asked if I would like a cup of coffee. I NEVER turn down coffee! The next thing I knew this fool was putting a match to a chunk of C-4! I went airborne . . . right into a fox hole. You never heard so much laughing in your life! "Stupid damn cherry!" All I knew was that C-4 was very, very BAD. It really broke the ice for me.
      I get kind of tired of hearing all the bad stuff . . . there was a lot of "good" times over there also. Coffee Time was one of them.

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